Healthy Blueberry And Yoghurt Popsicles Recipe


Blueberry And Yoghurt Popsicles Recipe

Hello People!!!!

How many of you out there love ice-cream? All of you right! Now if you are a weight watcher, it is just not possible to indulge in a creamy ice-cream too often. How about some fresh fruit popsicles? Sounds good enough, at least a saviour when you crave for something ice-cold and yummy!

Presenting blueberry and yoghurt popsicles! Fruit popsicles are really an in thing these day with people getting more and more health conscious. You can make popsicles out of any fruit you like!

I am using blueberry here as it has a lot of health benefits!

blueberry fo weight loss

It is low in calories and a great fruit for weight watchers. They may not be available widely in India but you can always buy frozen blueberries from the supermarket. Blueberries like most berries are rich in antioxidants called catechins. Catechins are known to support weight loss by burning abdominal fat. Belly fat is a big issue for most people. Research says that consuming catechins on a regular basis helps in speeding up abdominal fat loss by 77%! The speed of overall weight loss also doubles.

Teaming blueberries with yoghurt makes the popsicles yummier. Anyways yoghurt is a great weight loss food! Now you may ask how? Yoghurt is a such a good fat burner because it is great source of calcium and a probiotic food. A single yoghurt cup has around 300 mg of calcium in it. An adult needs between 1200 and 1400 mg of calcium per day for weight loss to actually take place. Consuming sufficient amounts of calcium is linked with the reduced body fat and healthy BMI levels. The healthy bacteria in yoghurt are needed by the digestive tract to function properly. The gut flora (healthy bacteria residing in your gut) help in absorbing nutrients from the food consumed. The good bacteria also keep food borne illnesses at bay. Yoghurt is both low in calories as well as a great source of lean protein.

So, for this popsicles recipe you need (no prize for guessing) blueberries and yoghurt!

Blueberry And Yoghurt Popsicles Recipe


1 cup blueberries

500 g yoghurt

Stevia to taste


Add all ingredients in a blender and blend it till smooth. Fill the mixture in the popsicles mould and keep in the freezer to freeze it well.

Pull out one and enjoy!

It will be total bliss as you get to relish a healthy treat!

Try it out and don’t forget to let me know how you liked it!

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