Body Fat – 5 Things You Didn’t Know

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Body Fat – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About It!

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Are you the kind who is desperate to lose all the body fat? Do you think fat is just excess calories stored in your body as love handles and a pot belly? Well, you may be wrong! Scientists are of the opinion that fat is in fact critical for your body’s health. The reason behind this is that fat not just stores calories but also produces hormones that are needed by the human body to function. Via these hormones, fat influences your appetite, metabolism, immunity, bone strength and reproductive organs, even the size of the brain! No wonder Mother Nature wants you to maintain fat! As it is essential, fat is able to protect itself in several ways and they are as follows:

1) Your appetite increases with fat loss

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Fat helps in producing a hormone called leptin that reaches the brain and affects your appetite. Normally, we remain satiated and get hungry during mealtimes. There is nothing extraordinary. However, when the body loses fat, you lose leptin. When that happens, you brain reacts by signaling that you are very hungry. Studies reveal that those who lose 10% of their body weight are far more preoccupied with food and have less control over their intake. They also respond more to food images. This means that fat is important and both the body and mind want to regain it.

2) Your metabolism slows down with fat loss

As already mentioned above, you lose leptin as you lose fat. Leptin also has a role to play in the functioning of muscles. When there is less leptin, your muscles bring down your body’s metabolism by 10%  while at rest and by 25% while exercising. And that is bad news.

3) Fat is capable of diverting supply of blood to itself

As you gain fat, the veins are signaled to develop new capillaries in the direction of fat. These vessels turn into a medium of supply of oxygen and nutrients as well as a medium of waste removal.

4) You can develop fat without food also

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Stem cells are the cells in the body that create various tissues based on the need of the body.  As the bones, cartilage or muscle wear out, the body uses stem cells to replace them. In this list fat gets the most preference. When the body needs new fat cells, stem cells prefer to turn into fat rather than bone or muscle cells.

5) Overeating alone does not make you fat

Even though inactivity and overeating will make you gain weight, there are other ways of growing too. Hormones have a role to play in weight gain and the fat burning hormones like growth hormone and testosterone decrease with age. When that happens, you gain weight even when you eat what you have been eating before. Gut bacteria also has a role to play in producing fat as certain bacteria are more efficient in extracting calories from food when compared to others.  Another factor is gender. Women store fat 2 to 3 times than men do and have a tough time losing it too. Ask any woman and she will tell you that this is more than true!

That is pretty much it about the little known facts of body fat!

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