Body Odours – What Do They Indicate About Health?


What Different Body Odours Indicate About Health?

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It is rather too common to have a body odour. A sweat-drenched workout session at the gym or while travelling via public transport can leave you in the need of a bath asap but all this is quite normal.

There are some specific body odours that pinpoint a bigger problem and you should not be overlooking it.

Here is a list of body odours you should worry about

1) Extremely smelly sweat

woman sweating- home remedies for excessive sweating

Okay! Okay! Sweat is not supposed to be fragrant but a profusely foul-smelling sweat can indicate an underlying medical problem. Magnesium deficiency or digestive problems with the fats you consume are the most common problems linked with a smelly sweat.

Another culprit can be a skin infection. It would be better to consult a dermatologist in order to get to the root cause of the problem.

2) Bad breath

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath - Solutions

You might be able to mask bad breath by popping mints but you cannot ignore the fact that you have an underlying problem. The most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene, sinus infections, GERD and tonsil stones.

Also, if your breath is fruity or a bit citrusy, it can be a sign of diabetes and that calls for medical attention.

3) Very smelly feet


Foot fungal infections are not rare and can lead to smelly feet. There are anti-fungal medications and over-the-counter ointments to help deal with the problem. Another reason for the bad odour from your feet can be excessive sweat that is home to bacteria and fungi. It can lead to red, itchy and smelly feet. You also need to be more careful about foot hygiene.

4) Foul smelling urine

The foul smell of your urine can indicate urinary tract infection. It is accompanied with other symptoms such as pain in the abdomen and burning sensation while urinating. It can be treated with the help of antibiotics and personal hygiene.

Another reason behind foul smelling urine is dehydration. So, drinking enough water is extremely important.

5) Extremely foul smelling stools

Stools smell bad and we all know it but if there is an extremely foul smell it can be a sign of lactose intolerance. When you are intolerant to lactose, your body is unable to process foods that have lactose in them. The nutrients are simply passed via the intestines to get accumulated in the colon directly and it is here where bacteria ferments it and leaves a terrible smell.

An extremely pungent and dark coloured stool can be a sign of gastrointestinal bleeding or an intestinal infection. You need to seek medical attention immediately.

Take home message

You can also suffer from other body odours such as bad breath when you wake up, excessive gas, unpleasant vaginal odour and the like. In most of the cases, they simply indicate poor diet, improper personal hygiene and an unhealthy lifestyle. These can easily get resolved with a little care.

In other cases, (the ones mentioned above) identifying the root cause of the problem is essential. I hope with this little bit of knowledge you will be able to recognize things better. So, you need to pay attention to body odours and ensure better health.

Hope you found this post on body odours informative!

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