5 Body Parts That Are Of No Use Anymore!


Body Parts That You Don’t Need Anymore!

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Do you know that it has us taken 6 million years to evolve from our ancestors to what we are today? All this while some of our body parts that were of use once upon a time are of no use to us anymore!

You must be aware of the appendix that helped the early man digest plant-based food. With changes in our eating habits, it has been rendered to be of no use. It is located between the small intestine and large intestine. The appendix is nothing but a nuisance as it needs to be surgically removed when it gets ruptured and infected.

Now, here are 7 more body parts and functions that are of no use to us anymore. Have a look!

1) Tailbone

We humans don’t require tails, we can balance without one 😛 However, most of the mammals have a tail during some point in their lives, some of them even lose it by the time they come into this world. Are you aware of the fact that human embryos develop something like a tail between 5 to 8 weeks after conception? But by the time they arrive into this world it gets absorbed into the vertebrae.

2) Male nipples

Wonder why men have nipples? It is because they could have been females! In the first 60 days in the womb, both males and females develop the same way. When the embryo has a Y chromosome, male hormones kick in and this causes the development of male sex organs instead of female ones. By that time the foetus has nipples. However, as nipples do no harm, they have not been removed by natural selection and that is why males still have them.

3) Wisdom teeth

wisdom tooth- body parts that we do not need anymore

Over time, human jaws have become smaller and as a result of that you cannot fit wisdom teeth in it. The truth is that we can’t fit in all our teeth either. 1 in 5 people are affected by what is called ‘dental crowding’. The jaw being all ready jam-packed, we don’t need wisdom teeth! Scientists say that our jaws have become smaller as we eat differently now and we no longer chew raw veggies and tough meat. Certain scientists are of the opinion that even dental hygiene has a role to play in it. Our ancestors never tool so much care of their teeth and they used to fall off, making room for wisdom teeth to grow.

4) Goose bumps

Our ancestors were known to have a lot of body hair and goose bumps made them look bigger and were able to scare away predators. Just imagine an angry or scared big cat. This is probably why we tend to get goose bumps when we are scared. We also happen to get them when we feel cold because puffing up fur helped us stay warm. But now we don’t have so much body hair and this renders goose bumps quite useless.

5) Ear muscles

What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears

Ears are a very useful sensory organ. However, there are some parts of the ear that we do not need and they are a muscle group called auriculares that makes us move our ears around. But we don’t use these muscles as we need not move our ears to hear like other animals. Though some people are able to wiggle their ears, it will not help them in hearing better. This was not the case with our ancestors; they needed the muscles to move their ears to the sound source for improved hearing.

Hope this post has been useful!

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