Body Pump And Its Benefits


Body Pump And Its Benefits

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HI ya all,

I am an exercise junkie! And let me tell you a secret, I used to hate to move my butt when I was any younger 😛 Anyhow, I have learnt my lesson, I recently enjoyed my favorite dieticians book, where she mentions how important it is to have some kind of weight training involved in your exercise regime. For many years(say three years) I have followed a strict weight training program, but all good things come to an end, and that happened when I got married. Life changes, I had to adapt, but soon I tried my ways to get back, I tried everything possible in order to not put on any weight!

But there are changes in lifestyle, so accept it and do something about it! I survived being newly married, adapting to heavy work load balance, moving out of my city and finally moving out of my country. But I never give up. I always motivate myself to keep going ahead.

So apart from my recent Tai Chi and yoga explores here in England, I have found my new love in Body Pump. I will quickly tell you on how we go about it and how it can help you increase muscle mass.

What is Body Pump?

Body pump includes the following exercises which are done using a barbell and various kinds of weights which are your choice.

  • Dead rows

  • Upright rows

  • Squats

  • Lunges

  • Tricep dips

  • Biceps curls

  • Chest press

  • Press pullover combo

So we start with warm up weights, I usually pick up 2.5 Kgs, each side for warm up which lasts about 5 minutes, there is a track going on which denotes how  time each workout. In the warm up we do rows, squats and lunges. Thereafter, we have chest press, triceps, squats, pushups and lunges in different tracks.

Finally, we end with abs and 5-7 minutes of stretching.

Benefits of Body Pump

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Now let me take you through the benefits of body pump:

  1. Variations in the exercises:

The trainer takes you through the normal speed rep, then we go half down rep, which is fairly simple, then we go down and further down which is the toughest. Finally we super slow step which gives the most.  All in all, we do about 800 reps in the whole one hour class.

  1. Easy to include in your weight loss plan:

Like we always say, apart from cardio, you also need body- pumping through weights, and all of us fear to do weight training alone, without a trainer. Well say good bye to such worries and join a body pump class near you soon.

  1. Sharp rise in metabolism:

I have noticed that I quickly digest the food and am ready to eat again 😛 well, to repair muscles, the body is always constantly working. Thus a weight training session helps you burn calories even after your class.

  1. Easy for beginners:

I think, if you have just started working out, I say take a class of body pump and see the change in you. You will surely want to return to the class. As per the statistics, you burn about 500-1000 calories per session.

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If you are in India and do not have a body pump session at your gym, then there are online courses from Les Mills and you can even invest in a kit. But if you go to a gym, then the equipments are already present. You can just download some videos and get started.

However, I must mention, that you have to take care of your postures, since the trainers sometimes tend to overlook. Thus after or before the class you must ask your trainer for correct ways of doing a particular exercise.

Till then happy pumping!

Love to all.

Are you going to try Body Pumping?

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