Body Shaming A Disgrace #DownWithBodyShaming

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Body Shaming: A Disgrace

Hey everyone, we are here with another post on body shaming as we at Indian Weight Loss Blog are dedicated to spread awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle keeping in view individual body and health problems. You can read more viewpoints on #DownWithBodyShaming here.

and here.. #DownWithBodyShaming

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What exactly is Body Shaming?

Body-shaming is the act of criticizing and harassing overweight or underweight people about their weight and eating habits to make them feel ashamed and conscious of themselves. It is an act of discrimination against people on the basis of their physique.

Are you aware of the fact that almost one-third of people in the US have been body-shamed at least once in their life? Well a substantial amount, isn’t it?

Body-shaming is a serious concern and has a lot of negative impact on the victim. Some people believe that making someone feel ashamed of their physicality will help them attain something that they won’t normally. However, scientific evidence suggests
something else. The stress undertaken by the victim makes him conscious about his body, resulting in lack of confidence.

In the case of fat-shaming, a fat shamed person can go to the dark hole of binge eating and gain more weight instead of getting motivated to lose.
Recently, there have been a lot of cases of celebrities and common people being body shamed in all over the world. Consider the case of the Pakistani Cricket team captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed. He has been considered the main culprit behind the lousy game display by Pakistan during last World Cup. He got fat shamed by the fans. Instead of supporting him in this hard time, he was dragged down by his fans.

All such things make life performances worse and ultimately might lead to something big. Not only in cricket, but even in the film industry, this practice is being followed. For instance, let us talk about the famous Bollywood actress Vidya Balan. She has been a victim of Fat-shaming all her life. In an interview, she
exclaimed “I have had hormonal issues for my entire life. It is likely a direct result of the judgment I have conveyed to my body. When I was a youngster, individuals would tell me, You have such a pretty face, for what reason don’t you lose some weight? That is not a good thing to say to someone, be it a kid or an adult. Along these lines, I would starve myself, I would do insane exercise regimens to shed pounds. Then the hormonal issue would settle for a bit before it reared its head again. I get it was my body’s method for revolting on the grounds that in needing it to be what it was not; I was always dismissing it.”

Perfectly put I would say! There are multiple reasons for being overweight. Some are curable, some are not. As Vidya has highlighted, one has no right to comment on some other’s body
because we don’t know what they have been through. We can see that although she is a celebrity, her journey to the acceptance of her body wasn’t so smooth. Well, to be precise, individuals of all
weights invest an excessive amount of energy inspecting their bodies in their mirrors, picking at their imperfections and detesting the manner in which they look. Making somebody feel bad about their appearance, when it is now difficult to be comfortable in your own skin, is the most exceedingly terrible thing that you can do to an individual. Period.

Body shaming makes people depressed and avoid life as a whole leading to something as serious as committing suicide after deep depression. Body shaming is a disgrace to our society and must be stopped. So, to conclude, I would say, “Never body shame anyone but motivate them in every possible way.”

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