Boiled Eggs In Kadhi Recipe – Indian Low Carb Recipe

eggs in kadhi recipe low carb

Boiled Eggs In Kadhi Recipe – Indian Low Carb Recipe


Eggs are important for those looking for weight loss options.They are a good source of protein as well as keeps you filled.You don’t feel hungry for long .My problem is that I can’t have same kind of eggs everyday.They have bored me to death and this is the reason I keep looking for recipes which are completely different from the usual ones.

I am looking for recipes which doesnt taste like egg burji, half fried or egg salad so I created this version of having boiled egg in kadhi.This is how I have it .Hope you like my recipe


eggs in kadhi recipe low carb


Boiled Eggs In Kadhi Recipe:-


  • 1 cup yogurt

  • 2 tbsp. Besan (Chickpea Flour)

  • 1 cup Water

  • 3/4 tsp Turmeric powder

  • Red Chilli Powder as per taste

  • Salt as per taste

  • 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  • 1 tsp Cumin seeds

  • 1 large Onion, finely chopped

  • Pinch of Asafoetida

  • 2-3 Garlic cloves

  • Few Curry Leaves

  • 8 Hard Boiled Eggs


Method And Preparation:-

Whisk the Greek yogurt until it becomes smooth.

  • Add besan, turmeric, chilli powder & salt and whisk well to combine properly.
  • Add a little water and mix well. Keep this mixture aside.
  • Heat oil and ghee in a pan and add cumin seeds.
  • When the cumin seeds crack, add asafoetida, garlic and onion.
  • Saute the mixture and add the curry leaves when onions turn soft.
  • Now lower the flame and add the curd mixture slowly. Keep stirring continuously.
  • Let the mixture cook till it turns a little thick. It takes 20-30 minutes.
  • Add the boiled eggs, cover the pan and cook for around 5 minutes.

Egg kadhi is ready …You can have it with brown rice if you want.I prefer it having it without anything.This kadhi can have many variations which i will be sharing with you in the coming weeks 🙂

Do let us know if you have  any other version of Kadhi .I would really like to try it out.

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