Bollywood Actresses Who Lost Weight


This is Bollywood week :P. When Shweta shared Aishwarya’s Weight Transformation story, I thought let’s talk about all Bollywood Actresses Who Lost Weight. The aim of this post is to have fun and also take inspiration from these On-Screen Divas !

Sonakshi Sinha has always been bashed by media for her weighty issues. She is not slim currently but has lost a lot of weight.

Sonakshi Sinha weight loss


Parineeti Chopra, who is Priyanka Chopra’s cousin, admitted that before joining films she wasn’t just chubby but very fat.


Parineeti Weight Loss


Sonam Kapoor lost over 30 kgs of weight to look sexy in her debut film – Saawariya.


Sonam Kapoor weight loss

Alia Bhatt won went from 67 kgs to 55kg in just three months for her debut movie Student of the Year !

Alia Bhatt weight loss


Katrina was not overweight but she shed off the extra pounds for a super trim and fit look in the item number  – Shiela.


Katrina Kaif Weight Loss


Sameera Reddy weighed 105 kilos and now hot she looks !


Sameera Reddy weight loss


Zarine Khan also weighed more than a ton. I am not able to recognize her in the first pic 😛


Zarine Khan Weight Loss


Kajol is my favorite ! She has 2 kids, enjoyed her motherhood. How she looks as a happy preggo –


Kajol weight loss


She looks like a Diva now ! I think she looks the best ever. What do you think ?


Kajol after weight loss


Kareena Kapoor was chubby in her debut film. Later, she became a sensation for her Zero Figure !


Kareena Kapoor weight loss

Rani Mukherjee has been seen increasing her weight for some movies. She shed her weight for Dil Bole Hadippa and confortably donned a bikini in the movie.

Rani Mukherjee weight loss

Who is your favorite Bollywood Actress Who Lost Weight ?

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  1. My fav is Ash & Kareena!

    Ash because she faced so much negative criticism – which I thought was terrible & mean. It is her body and is not obligated to be thin – it wasn’t like she was acting in movies and forcing ppl to look at her.

    And Kareena – because she looks healthy! Her skin glows! I take that always as a sign of good nutrition within the body. Or maybe she just has an awesome face foundation that you & I don’t know about yet! 😀

    • Hi Tanveer, Welcome here 🙂
      I read Rujuta Diwakar’s interview in which she said that Kareena is every disciplined about her meals and she plans everything a week before hand. That could be the reason of her glowing skin. Foundi cud be icing on the cake 😉

    • I have seen freckles on Kareena a year back which we all know have no solution…but she conceals them to know her not so lakme foundation 😛


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