Bollywood Mom Malaika Arora Khan’s Fitness Secret


Bollywood Mom Malaika Arora Khan’s Fitness Secret

Hello Ladies, Hope this new year brings happiness to you all !!

As we are all working towards the same goal, I thought of giving you few interesting posts this year. The theme of my ‘interesting posts’ is Motivation.

See, whatever diet you plan, exercise regime you practice, Motivation plays a key role to keep you in the loop you have framed.. hope you all agree with me !!

My upcoming string of posts are based on celebrities and their fitness secret !! Yay..!!

Today lets look up at the ever youth and the most scintillating Malaika Arora Khan.

Bollywood Mom Malaika Arora Khan's Fitness Secret

Bollywood Mom Malaika Arora Khan’s Fitness Secret

Remember her  ‘chaiyya chaiyya’ back at 1998, whole of India went crazy on her hip moves. At the age of 40 with a ten year old son, She is still rocking Bollywood. Her recent dabbang number is no less than chaiyya. As we know, She had a great come back post delivery.

malaika arora hot fit mom

Is she thin?

Malaika-Arora-weight loss

Ladies !! Lets forget the word thin. Look at her She is curvy, she is fit, she has toned muscles and looks perfect.. She is a mother of 10yr old son. Yet, she is the best in any avatar she takes.

Lets see what she does to maintain her curvacious figure.

Malaika Arora Khan’s Food Routine

  1. Starts a day with warm water with honey and lime
  2. She believes in cooking with extra virgin oil at moderation
  3. She has  small frequent meals in between 3 main meals
  4. Early dinner by 7.30 pm
  5. She doesn’t include fried/ high salt/ oily food


Egg whites, poha, idili with a bowl of fruits


Brown rice/ jowar or bajra rotis with chicken / fish, green veggies/ sprouts and dal


Grilled salmon/ soups/ steamed veggies/ salads

Mid-day snacks:

Vegetable juice with amla/ egg white/ brown bread toasts

She stays hydrated throughout the day with coconut water, vegetable juice and water.

Malaika Arora Khan’s Exercise Routine

  1. She practices Gym/ Yoga for one and half hour for thrice a week
  2. Gym workout plan includes Squats, Kickboxing, Free weights, Medicine balls
  3. Power yoga is also contributed to her super flexible physique.
  4. Its not just workout routine, she practices many dance forms from Indian classical to russian-ballet jazz..(i say.. wow !!)

malaika arora yoga fitness

So, Hope you are all getting inspired by her routine.


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