Book Review-UNJUNKED:Healthy Eating For Weight Loss By Suman Agarwal


Book Review-UNJUNKED:Healthy Eating For Weight Loss By Suman Agarwal

Who says diet food has to be boring? Being a vegetarian (rather eggetarian) really cuts down my protein choices and I am always on the look out for new recipes that are nutritionally dense and tasty too. I cant even eat lots of eggs as eggs give me breakouts, if I consume them everyday.So when I came across this book and saw recipes that were healthy and tasty I was hooked, and I brought it home with me. Unjunked book review_1

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The book is written by an eminent dietician called Suman Agarwal. The book starts with practical diet tips and rules to follow when on a weight loss plan.

Also there are sample diet plans and each recipe has the recommended portion size. What I liked best was that she aims to provide a complete meal in each recipe.The recommended accompaniments are suggested with each dish to get maximum nutritional benefits.

Unjunked book review_2

There are very interesting recipes,both Indian and world cuisine in the book. This will satisfy all taste buds and keep one healthy and happy.The book covers all meals like breakfast ,main meals and snacks &desserts.

The recipes are all easy to follow and some interesting dessert recipes are present in the book to fulfill all sweet cravings. If you are anything like me,this is a boon. I can live on sweets :P.

Junk food lovers ;rejoice. Burgers and vada pav and chaats have been “unjunked “ to provide nutrition minus the “junk”.

Also ,all recipes are accompanied by gorgeous pics and that’s what I am always looking for in a recipe book.

 Unjunked book review_3

I would highly recommend this book to all the fitness freaks out there and to those who are foodies but want to watch their waistline ! Must have in my opinion:)

So are you ready to be Unjunked ?

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  1. Shweta..i am actively not looking at weight loss as much as I am looking at good health.. But yes.. with healthy eating comes the benefit of weightloss.. so it has helped me there.. I do workout regulalrly and dont make food everyday from this book but the ideas are good! if you are a veggie its a must have as food can get boring at times-esp health food


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