Book Review:Confessions Of A Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie


Book Review:Confessions Of A Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie

I owe my weight loss journey which began two years back to Kalli Purie, the writer of the book “Confessions of a Serial Dieter”. Frankly speaking I had never heard of Kalli Purie but yes I used to watch her other sibling Koel Purie’s talk show “On the couch with Koel Purie” and of course who doesn’t know their father Aroon Purie. Without letting anyone know I ordered this book online and read it lying comfortably on my bed. (Which made me feel guilty of lying down and getting fat.)  🙂 Here I think it would be great to post a Book Review:Confessions Of A Serial Dieter by Kalli Purie for your advantage.

Book ReviewConfessions Of A Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie (2)

Book Review:Confessions Of A Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie

This 225 pages long book made me come out openly in front of my daughter and ask her after showing the book “Can I too lose weight like this woman?” My daughter who had never ever judged me for anything replied, “If she can do it, you can also do it. She was 103 kg and you are just 98.” Thus at that point began my weight loss journey from 98 kg to 67 kg.

Why should you read Confessions Of A Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie ?

Book Review:Confessions Of A Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie

If you want an encyclopedia of all sorts of diet plans (43diets) which are featured here in the form of episodes in her life with interesting anecdotes and wisdom gained, you must read it. This is every FAT woman’s Bible in which Kalli discusses weight related complexes, myths and dilemmas and suggests what to do and how to do it. This book talks about lifestyle changes, choices and decisions. This book makes people think about themselves and face the harsh reality of being OBESE.

You must read this book if you are looking for some inspiration to take that first step towards a healthy you. It can be any ones story and undoubtedly a very emotional one. No sob story but it surely creates that lump in your throat and makes you mumble—“I too should do it… I can do it.”

This book is juicy entertainment hitting you hard on those fatty bums of yours and making you feel ashamed of yourself for not kicking them hard enough to get moving.  If Kalli can lose weight and run a marathon why the hell can’t we go and do a power walk outside!!!

This book is for all those people who are living in denial that they are fat, giving unreasonable reasons for putting on weight.

Why I loved this book because it has all sorts of meal plans and tips to get moving towards a fitter you. What she ate at which weight and then lost or gained how much more, it’s all accounted there. If you had not been able to be courageous enough to take that plunge for fighting your fat then you must read this book. It will make things easier for you.

Trust me 🙂