Easy Rituals To Boost Happiness


What Are The Rituals That Boost Happiness?

Life is a puzzle at times! If you feel stressed out or anxious most often, allow yourself to feel it without being judgmental. Accepting your feelings will give you clarity of thought and help make you better decisions.

Research says that when you accept a difficult feeling, the intensity reduces. It even helps one shift from the fight-or-flight behaviour to rational thinking.

Easy Rituals To Boost Happiness

1)  Exercise gratitude

Each day you wake up, make a note of 3 things that you are grateful for at that moment before you go ahead with your day. Research says that this ritual is important and has to be a part of your day because it will infuse you with energy for the day ahead. It will improve your productivity immensely. Research studies say that gratitude makes you feel joyful, enhances mood and increases your ability to handle the stress in everyday life.

2) One act of kindness a day

You need to perform one act of kindness every day. It is a ritual that is simple to do and is immensely powerful. It need not be something big. It can be a thank you note for your wife or a text message to a friend. Even tiny acts of kindness will help in brightening up your day.

Science says that each act of kindness triggers the release of a hormone called oxytocin which makes you feel better. These positive acts work in the long-term in improving your well-being.

3) Check your to-do list and make it meaningful

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Every day, you should look at your to-do list and see how every item on it can be helpful for someone else. It can be your family, friend, colleague or anyone who matters to you. Using your skills in serving others we care for will take you a long way. It will make all the items on your to-do list more purposeful. When a sense of meaning gets attached to your to-do’s, it will motivate you further to get them done. It will also make you strong in face of adversities.

4) Reset your happiness

Give yourself a 10 minute break every day, preferably in the afternoon when you face an energy slump. Simply pause, shut down your laptop, put your mobile phone on silence and take a moment to catch your breath and clear up your mind. You can close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a whole one minute or simply sip on a cup of tea. Even taking a walk around your office for 5 minutes is a good idea. By simply closing your eyes or daydreaming for a short while will help clear away all the knots in your mind and make you feel more energetic and ready to face any problem that might crop up later in the day. Taking regular breaks are known to help increase productivity and focus and enhancing a sense of well-being and good health.

Final thoughts

Do try incorporating these rituals in your daily life and see how much difference they make in improving your well-being.

Hope you liked these Easy Rituals To Boost Happiness!

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