Why BPA Is Bad For Health?


BPA Is Bad For Health – Know Why!

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Have you heard of BPA? It is a chemical that is added to several products. Health experts say that it is toxic and an effort should be made to avoid it. Is BPA that bad? Should we really avoid it?

Here is a detailed review of BPA and Why BPA Is Bad For Health?

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BPA – what is it?

BPA is bisphenol-A and is a chemical that is added to several commercial products including hygiene products and food containers. Chemists in 1950s realized that mixing it with other compounds can produce strong plastics. Today, BPA is used commonly in food containers and baby bottles. It is also used in the lining of food cans.

BPA enters the body – How?

You are exposed to BPA through diet. The BPA from food containers breaks free and mixes with the food or fluids added to the container. So, you primarily get it from packaged and canned food. Babies who drink milk from a bottle have higher amounts of BPA in their bodies.

How come BPA is bad for you?

There is an ongoing debate on the effects of BPA on health. Let us find out!

BPA is said to mimic the hormone estrogen. Its resemblance to estrogen can affect body functions like cell repair, growth, energy levels, fetal development and reproduction.

The above would make you feel that BPA should be banned. Some countries actually have restricted its use in products for infants and young children.

The results of studies conducted on BPA and its effects are mixed. Industry funded research show no negative effects whereas 92 percent of non-funded research show that BPA affects us negatively.

BPA and infertility

BPA is known to cause infertility in both men and women.

In one study it was found that women who had frequent miscarriages had thrice the amount of BPA in their blood when compared to women with healthy pregnancies.

In another study, men with higher amounts of BPA were thrice more likely to have a low sperm count when compared to other males.

BPA and infant health

A majority of the studies indicate that babies born to mothers who were exposed to BPA at work weighed 0.2 kg less at birth than babies of women who weren’t exposed. Additionally, babies of mothers exposed to higher BPA levels were more anxious, depressed and hyperactive. There was an increase in cancer risk too.

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Health issues due to BPA

  • Heart disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Increased risk of obesity
  • Risk of Asthma
  • Risk of PCOS
  • Risk of Premature delivery
  • Affected Liver function
  • Affected Thyroid function
  • Affected brain function

Ways to minimize exposure to BPA

After knowing about the negative effects you would want to avoid BPA. Here’s what you can do:

1) Avoid packaged food. Say no to canned food or plastic containers with the numbers 3,7 or letters –PC on it.

2) Buy liquids that are packaged in glass bottles and try using baby bottles made out of glass.

3) Choose BPA-free toys for your children as they will try to chew or suck the toys.

4) Do not microwave food in plastic containers. Use glass instead.

The bottom line

After seeing the evidence against BPA, it is wise to take essential steps to avoid it. It is a no-no for pregnant women. Swap plastic containers for BPA-free ones. Reduce consumption of packaged foods and include more of fresh whole foods in your diet.

Hope you found this post ‘Why BPA Is Bad For Health?‘ useful!

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