Does Wearing A Bra Cause Back Pain?


Can Wearing A Bra Cause Back Pain?

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There is a huge variety of bras these days and there are lots of chances of getting confused when you step out for shopping. What you need to keep in mind is that functionality is more important than appearance. You need to be more careful about daily-wear bras as the wrong one will cause a lot of pain.

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If you are suffering from back pain and don’t know the cause, it is probably the bra that you wear. Keep reading!

Why women buy the wrong-sized bra?

As you already know your bra-size, you often don’t bother to take measurement every time you go for bra shopping. This means that if you commit a mistake with your measurement for the first time, you will keep wearing the wrong size for years! You might also like one particular bra style but when it is not available in your size you can land up wearing a wrong-sized bra. You can also pick up a bra just because it looks pretty!

So, now you know why most women buy the wrong-sized bras. However, what is lesser known is that wearing the wrong bra can cause you back pain.

How an Ill-fitting Bra Cause Back Pain?

80% of women tend to wear the wrong-sized bras. If the band around your ribs is loose, the bra will slowly ride higher up on the back. This makes your shoulders roll forward thereby increasing the stress on the muscles in your upper back. You might land up with postural disorders and back pain when you wear an ill-fitting and unsupportive bra as it makes you slouch causing a sharp and dull pain between the blades of the shoulders.

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Do thin bra straps cause back pain?

Tight bras straps cannot just cause scars on your shoulders but also compress the nerves on the shoulders. The cross-back straps trending these days are known to offer no benefits, Therefore, regular wide straps are the best especially for women who are a little heavy.

Is going braless useful?

According to some studies, wearing a bra can cause back pain as it shifts the weight to the shoulders and puts stress on the pectoral girdle muscles. Participants of the study were asked to stay braless for 2 weeks. They reported that their back pain was reduced significantly and 79% of the women said that they wished to go braless permanently!

The bottom line

Whether women should go braless or not is still a debate. Hence, in order to make sure that you don’t get back pain, you should wear the right sized bra during the day and remove the bra when you go to sleep. Top heavy women are more likely to get back problems. If you are one, you should pay attention to your posture and use a sports bra when you exercise. So, if you go bra shopping the next time, keep the above things in mind and pick the right bra for yourself.

Hope you found this post ‘Does Wearing A Bra Cause Back Pain?’ useful!

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