Brain Fogging-Causes and Remedies


Brain Fogging-Causes and Remedies


Hello Guys! How are you? today am going to write about a problem that is slowly gripping the nation, earlier this was limited to just the old people, but now, this problem is seen in the younger generation too. Am talking about brain Fogging.

What is brain fogging?

Its a term used when a person experiences confusion, lack of focus, loss of clarity and confusion. Haven’t there been occurrences where you have are speaking on the phone and suddenly you realize that your phone is not in your pocket and you start searching for, only to realize later that it has been in your hand all along! Now you smile slyly, cause yup, this has happened, and not just once.


As the body ages, one’s memory may slowly start to fade and momentary lapses of confused thinking may become more common. This is a natural process but in some cases brain fog and fatigue can be accelerated by certain situations or conditions. Understanding the common causes of brain fatigue is essential for maintaining good health practices that will keep the brain clear-thinking and healthy for as long as possible. Thus,earlier when our grandparents would experience such a thing, like the specs searching spree…  its excusable at their age, but people as young as 17 experiencing this is a threat call!

A few reasons which may be causing this are:


1. Lack of sleep: So with the increasing level of stress and distraction keeping us busy to wee hours may seem very legit, the brain has no time recuperate and often the lack of adequate rest causes fogging of the brain.

2. Stress: As mentioned earlier, rising stress level, The “life is a race if you don’t run fast you will be like a broken anda” was taken very seriously and look at the competition.Stress is very powerful and it can negatively affect the body in a number of ways, including causing brain fatigue.

3. Menopause: All hail the hormones! With the fluctuating hormones women may suffer from brain fogging, but these symptoms generally disappear after the hormones become regulated.

4. Diabetes: Glucose is the primary source of energy for the brain, fluctuating glucose levels in the blood can cause some short-term brain fatigue symptoms. That’s why we crave sweets after the exam… now i know!

5. Vitamin deficiency: Brain functioning relies on proper levels of magnesium, vitamin B12, and amino acids in the body. When these nutrients are deficient or the body is dehydrated, brain fog can occur. So eat right and don’t forget to take your daily dose of vitamins, and this goes without saying, gulp down the water!

As you can see from the above given causes, brain fogging is more of a modern day problem, the lack of sleep, processed life less food, stress situation, these are what are leading to people as young as 16-17 to experience fogging. So, a change in the life style is a must, the cure for brain fogging are:


1. Sleep: The body needs to sleep at least 6-7 hours on an average. So please give it enough rest, if you find it difficult to sleep there are loads of apps available which ensure you get a good and peaceful sleep. And for god’s sake separate yourself from that God damn mobile at least when you sleep!

2.Stress: We all could do with a little help in that area now, couldn’t we? Try meditation and deep breathing. Deep breathing ensures a good supply of oxygen to your brain.

3. Supplements: In case you guys cannot reach your micro nutrient requirement for the day through the food you consume, you need to take multivitamins. Ask your GP for prescriptions! You can also try the brain boosting supplements like Shankhapushpi. Or the Brahmi capsules from Himalaya brand. (I have personally never taken these supplements so i can’t vouch for the effectiveness.)

To sum it all up, Brain fogging is the baby of modern day lifestyle and distracting gizmos. You know better how to tackle it! Hope this article helps you find the clarity in the times of fogginess 🙂

This is Pooja, Ciao!

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