4 Breakfast Mistakes That Make You Hungry Sooner

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Breakfast Mistakes That Make You Hungry Sooner

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Do you get hungry before lunchtime every day? Having a heavy breakfast doesn’t mean that you will stay satiated till noon. If you happen to be eating those sugar loaded cereals and fruits, your breaky gets converted into sugar and gets digested quickly. This leaves you hungry. Find out what other breakfast mistakes you make that leaves you hungry by lunch time.

1) You eat bread with jam

Foods Which Make You Fat white bread

Bread and jam may sound like a really convenient breakfast especially when you have to head to your workplace. However, it is not very filling. You should think of something better as refined flour (maida) bread would definitely not do. Try going in for a slice of multigrain bread to add a bit of fibre to your breakfast and replace the sugar loaded jam with a much healthier peanut butter. If you want a little more burst of flavour, try adding in a few sliced berries. They will also keep you full for a longer time.

2) You add sugar to your tea

no sugar please

If you drink your morning tea or coffee with sugar, you are getting ready for hunger and a morning slump. Start getting used to drinking tea without any sugar; you can also opt for some coffee. If you cannot do without the sweet element in your beverage, go in for a natural sweetener such as stevia. Remember to do things in moderation though.

2) You eat processed gluten-free foods

Gluten free

Going in for gluten-free bread or waffles for breakfast is not a great idea as it won’t do any better for you. Processed gluten-free food has highly refined starch along with potato and tapioca. It breaks down too quickly in the digestive tract and leaves you feeling ravenous by noon. Go in for bananas and eggs for breakfast instead as they provide you with protein, healthy fats and fibre that will keep your belly full.

3) There are too many fruits in your smoothie

four berry smoothie

While smoothies can be really healthy, adding too many fruits to it is not a good idea. Yes, they do provide you with vitamins and antioxidants but too much of sugar present in fruits can raise your blood sugar levels suddenly making you feel hungry. To avoid the energy crash, you must add a lot of veggies to smoothie so that they make up for 50% of your smoothie.

4) You add lots of dried fruits and honey to your bowl

weight maintain yogurt

It may seem inviting but adding toppings like maple syrup, honey and dried fruit to your bowl of yoghurt will only turn your protein rich bowl into a bowl of sugar. Turn down all the sugary toppings. Instead top your breakfast with mashed banana or nuts. Nuts are tiny power houses and at the same time are tasty too. They will add a lot of flavour to your bowl without the need of added sugar.

Hope you found out the breakfast mistakes you are committing every day

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