Ways To Breathe Right


How To Breathe Right?

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To maintain good health you need to ensure that you breathe right. However, the fact is that many of us still take shallow breaths that can raise our stress levels. Here is how to breathe right!

For many of us breathing is an automatic mechanism in which brings in oxygen and expels CO2 (carbondioxide). However, unlike your heartbeat and digestion, breathing is a function of the body that we can consciously control. If you have ever tried to keep a panic attack at bay by taking a deep breath, then you know about the wonders of breathing. Paying regular attention to your breathing can give you an idea of your emotional and mental state. You can use breathing as an effective way to manage stress and anxiety.


Most people take breathing for granted and don’t attempt to breathe properly. They take shallow and unconscious breaths that are not good for health. By not breathing properly they reflect stress and that sends a message to the nervous system that they are stressed. This way they are caught in a vicious cycle.

How to breathe right?

That is a million dollar question as a huge majority does not know how to breathe right! You should watch an animal or an infant while they are asleep, they breathe steadily and effortlessly from their bellies. By the time a child turns 4 or 5, he or she learn improper breathing habits. When such people touch 40 they have been breathing in an unhealthy manner for rather too many years. To bring in a change in breathing, some amount of effort needs to be put in.

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Start noticing how you are breathing when you are stressed, are happy or while exercising. Once you know how you breathe, you can start modifying it. In Yoga, breathing is said to be the most important part, even more important than the physical postures.

Good breathing techniques

You need to learn to breathe with your diaphragm. It is the muscle beneath the rib cage that is used for singing and laughing too. If you breathe properly, you will feel your diaphragm pushing down towards your belly. Though it isn’t essential for your abdomen to go in and out while breathing, it can be a good technique. If you happen to be holding in your tummy to make it look flat, then you are not using your diaphragm the way you should. Using the diaphragm is essential for letting go of stress. It signals your nervous system that you are relaxed.

Take long and deliberate inhales at times throughout the day. Count till 3 as you breathe in and then again as you breathe out. Keep each inhale and each exhale of the same length and don’t pause. This will make you aware of your breathing and also calm you down drawing your focus inwards, just like meditation. Lying down with a pillow on your lower back is an easier way of practicing calm breathing. Once you get a hang of it, you can practice calm breathing when you are walking, sitting in the car or doing household work.

Daily breathing routine

Practice deep breathing for 10 to 20 minutes each day. Practising even for a minute each hour can give you significant results. It will help change your mental and emotional state completely.

Hope this post on ways to breathe right has been useful!

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