Brilliant breathing app from Apple!


Apple’s breathing app!

Can deep breathing lower stress? Yes it can. Breathing appropriately is far more important than just breathing. Focusing on breathing can take your mind off stressful thoughts. “One of the ways of letting go thoughts of anxiety or stress is by focusing on our breathing,”

breathing app from apple

Apple has recently surprised us with another app and that is a breathing Apathy app is called, ‘Breathe’. Well but has this app been made to remind us about when to breath?? Will this app help us in reminding when we are thirsty or not? Certainly not. Medical experts have long maintained that deep-breathing exercises can provide a wide range of health benefits, from stress relief to cardiovascular improvements. Apple consistently tries bringing about major changes to the iPhone with its innovative apps. Lots of different features get added to everyday. For example, Facial recognition apps where photos can be grouped according to who is in the snap.

Apple announced a number of new features for the Apple Watch, including an app due out this fall called Breathe, which will “encourage users to take a moment in their day to do deep breathing exercises for relaxation and stress reduction,” the company said in a statement recently.Studies suggest that deep-breathing exercises may reduce certain types of stress and anxiety, and can temporarily lower blood pressure. But many of these studies have been small, so more research is needed to learn more about the exact benefits of deep-breathing exercises, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Deep breathing is a type of relaxation technique that is intended to counteract the body’s normal response to stress, the “fight or flight” response. Deep breathing lowers heart rate and reduces levels of stress hormones, according to the NCCIH. But yes with the busy life and unorganized life we have today, it’s easier to get affected mentally. We wish doing new things or just normal stuff but we don’t get the time or the energy to do it.These Apple’s new breathing App helps us in lifting our moods and reminding us of things which we forget doing in our everyday routine.

I was going through a similar phase of lethargy. It sounds unbelievable that taking a few minutes every now and then to stop what I was doing to focus on taking nice, big breaths helped lift me out of a mental health crisis. But with time, it did. Anxiety is far less of a problem in life these days, mostly because one needs to be proactive enough o control it. But when I feel it coming on, deep breathing is my primary weapon against it. But now with a breathing coach right on my wrist, it’ll make me that less anxious about, well, anxiety.

Breathing App

If Apple’s app takes off, it could make many of its users’ lives much healthier. Deep breathing eventually helps us relieving our day to day stress. The Breathe app will be available in the fall with the next update to the Apple Watch operating system, called watchOS 3.

Check this out folks!!!

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