Britney Spears Diet Plan And Fitness Secrets


Britney Spears Diet Plan And Fitness Secrets

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Stars and their fitness secrets garner immediate attention. And why shouldn’t they? After all everybody wants to know how the stars keep themselves so fit!

Singer Britney Spears is in the news for maintaining a toned physique and a really flat tummy. The 33 year old star is very particular about her fitness and seems to be in the best shape of her life. This post talks about Britney Spears’ diet habits and workout routine. Hop on to know her fitness secrets.

Britney-Spears fitness secrets

She recently opened up about her diet habits and workout routine. The mommy of 2 kids has let her fitness regime evolve with the changes happening to her as she is ageing. Her latest pic on the cover page of the 2015 issue of Women’s health has her flaunting her toned physique in a revealing bikini! Britney got back in shape easily after her second baby but after 5 years she has been noticing changes in her body. Her hips have become a little wider because of having children. This made it crucial for her to exercise continuously.

Britney Spears’ Diet Plan

Talking about diet, Britney is into raw food these days. She admits that is basically having sushi! She indulges in fruits of any kind along with Nut Thins. For those who are not aware of what they are, let me tell you that Nut Thins are crunchy crackers that are gluten free and made with nutritious almonds. They seem to be quite promising for those who are affected by the celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten.

Britney does make it a point to eat healthy but she loves to have her sweetened tea 😉

Britney’s workout

Britney Spears makes sure that she works out properly. She says that dancing is a wonderful cardio workout. It is both tough and fun at the same time! If you too want have a body like Spears, you should think about dancing even if you have two left feet 😉 Read more about the benefits of dance workout here. Turn on the music , move your body to the music and have some fun. According to a famous fitness guru, you can get a chiseled body by doing something graceful like dancing. You will have a pretty and non-bulky body as an end result.

Britney opts for high intensity workouts and wants them to be effective in a short time span.

Here is what she does-

She begins with 20 minutes of intense cardio which is usually running. Running is such an in thing these days, I am sure that after knowing that Britney runs for fitness, most youngsters will follow suit.

Coming back to Britney, she then moves on to lift weights. She then does body weight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and squats and wraps up her workout with a stretch. She has managed to get into the best shape of her life without the help of a trainer!!! That appears loud and clear on the cover pic of the magazine!

Britney spears fitness secrets yoga

The pop star has also been into Yoga too for fitness. She says that it has helped her get slim and toned. The yoga poses done by her are the Boat pose, Crescent lunge, Warrior 2, Bow pose and the camel pose.

Found the fitness secrets of Britney Spears interesting?

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