Brown Eggs Vs White Eggs – Which Is Better?


Brown Eggs Vs White Eggs

The war between brown eggs (desi eggs) and white eggs has been raging since forever. There is nothing wrong with our desi eggs- they are devoid of any artificial hormones or chemicals and are not harmful. But are they better than the white?

Egg is definitely one of the richest protein source. Not only that but it is favorable to rectify calcium deficiency too, in return treating unhealthy bones. Easy to cook, easy to pair up (or eat alone) egg is vital part of our daily diet (sorry vegetarians!). Now, you need to choose between the two – desi eggs and white eggs. Here’s how we can help you make the choice:

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How to differentiate between the two?

Well, duh! The desi eggs are brown, off-whitish and our white eggs are, well white. Where Desi eggs are propagated to be comparatively healthier, they are also more expensive than the white variety.

Artificial breeding

Nutritionists suggest that the brown egg is not cultured and is laid naturally. Brown eggs is lain by hens devoid of artificially injected hormones and medicines. It is the poultry bred hens which are usually pumped to produce more eggs and more flesh.
But don’t count your eggs before they hatch!
It might be obvious that in comparison the brown eggs win but some nutritionists also say that with the number of malpractices that are rampant in the market one can really not be sure about the quality of these eggs either.

Nutritional difference

An important point for people- There is hardly a nutrition difference. Brown eggs are supposed to be much healthier because apparently there isn’t any deceit in them but if they are, they are hardly a 10-15% higher nutritional.

Is it okay to eat white eggs then?

We bet every person reading this article is staring suspiciously at the white eggs sitting in their fridge and is ready to run out to buy some brown ones- but wait! This question has a positive answer! Even though the hens laying the eggs are probably injected, those artificial hormones won’t harm you.
That being said, excess of everything is bad. So if you literally feast upon eggs all the time, white eggs can (and probably will) cause a hormonal imbalance.

Hope you liked this post – ‘Brown Eggs Vs White Eggs – Which Is Better?

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