Brown Tree Wheat Grass Juice Review|Wheat Grass Juice Online

wheat grass juice online

Brown Tree Wheat Grass Juice Review|Wheat Grass Juice Online

Hello Everyone

You are already aware of the many Benefits of Wheatgrass juice as we discussed earlier. A step by step procedure to prepare wheatgrass juice has also been covered so far on Indian Weight Loss Blog.

wheat grass juice online

Well, as you already know how I like to consume these healthy drinks however bitter they taste! So today, I thought of sharing a ready made wheatgrass juice I found online which is a great substitute to the wheatgrass juice we extract from the natural juicing method.

wheat grass juice India

About Brown Tree Wheat Grass Juice-

Wheatgrass has a large number of superior health benefits. It belongs to the wheat family and is nutrient rich. Eating 4 ounces of Wheatgrass is equivalent to eating to eating 8 pounds of green vegetables.

  • Wheatgrass could be a potential solution to fight tumors and has amazing detoxifying properties.
  • The Chlorophyll in wheatgrass has a lot of similarities with blood in molecular levels.  Since chlorophyll makes up 70% of the wheatgrass, it is a go-to solution for anemic people.
  • It could act as an excellent cleanser. It cleanses your stomach and prevents constipation.
  • It also strengthens the immune system and fights against foreign cells invasion.
  • It has more number of Vitamin C than oranges and contains twice the number of Vitamin A as carrots.

wheat grass juice India

My Experience with Brown Tree Wheat Grass Juice-

Wheatgrass juice can be obtained easily by the regular juice extraction method at home but if you don’t have enough time and patience to extract the juice naturally from the wheatgrass available in stores, you might love this great substitute for wheatgrass juice available in supermarkets.

First of all, this is an easy option for working people who can’t manage time for the regular juicing method which requires cleaning & washing the wheatgrass several times so that no dust particle is left in it.

Secondly, the natural wheatgrass juice obtained after juice extraction method is really bitter and very few people can stand the taste of it and might also throw up! 🙁 But this taste much better than the usual wheatgrass juice which makes it a must try product if you love to include health drinks in your diet.

In my opinion, everyone can easily adjust to the taste of this juice as compared to the normal wheatgrass juice extracted naturally at home.

wheat grass juices India

What I like about Brown Tree Wheat Grass Juice

  • Taste is much better than natural wheatgrass juice
  • Easier substitute for working fitness enthusiasts
  • Comes in a easily stored bottle packaging
  • Easily adjustable to everybody’s taste

What I don’t like about Brown Tree Wheat Grass Juice

  • Not sure about its effectiveness for health in comparison to the natural wheatgrass juice

Want to give Brown Tree Wheat Grass Juice a try?

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