Is Buckwheat A Complete Source Of Protein?


Is Buckwheat A Complete Source Of Protein? Find out!

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Ever thought of adding buckwheat to your diet? It is our very own kuttu that most people eat during religious fasts (vrat). Even though buckwheat does not provide you with as much protein as oats, amaranth or quinoa, it is still a reasonably good source of plant-based protein.

A single cup of uncooked buckwheat has a good 19 g of protein to offer. This meets 40% of the daily need for protein. Now you won’t be eating uncooked buckwheat right? So, you need to know the amount of protein present in a cup of cooked buckwheat. Well, it is 5.7 g that meets 11% of your daily protein needs. This way buckwheat beats corn, millet, brown rice and several other grains in terms of protein content.


What  Makes Buckwheat A Complete Source Of Protein?

Actually, the amount of protein present in buckwheat has nothing to do with what makes it a wonderful source of the macronutrient. It is all about the quality of protein offered that makes this superfood stand out. Buckwheat is a plant-based source of all essential amino acids in good amounts. This makes it a complete source of protein.

The human body cannot synthesize essential amino acids by itself and hence you need to get them through your diet. Those who eat meat on a regular basis get enough amounts of essential amino acids since meat is a great source of complete protein.

Those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet don’t get all of the essential amino acids. In such cases, eating buckwheat is a great option. Apart from eating buckwheat, which is a complete source of protein, vegans and vegetarians can increase the protein content in their meals by combining foods having amino acid profiles that complement each other. You can eat beans with brown rice and corn with wheat (it is up to you!)

Attention Bodybuilders

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If you are into body building and a seeking to increase your dietary intake of protein to increase muscle growth, you should go in for eggs and whey instead of buckwheat. The reason behind this is that the protein in eggs and whey possess a high digestible score whereas buckwheat, like most pseudograins, has a lower digestibility score.

Now, this does not mean that the protein present in buckwheat does not have health benefits to offer. Due to the low digestibility of buckwheat protein, it offers health benefits similar to fibre. It protects from colon cancer and provides relief from constipation.

Nutritional profile of buckwheat groats

Apart from containing all the essential amino acids, buckwheat has loads of other nutrients too. It is a rich source of B vitamins which include thiamin, niacin, folate, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. The minerals it contains include magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, potassium, manganese and selenium. It is also a good source of iron. One cup of cooked buckwheat offer 7% of the DV (Daily Value) of iron.

So, what do you think about including buckwheat or kuttu in your food?

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