Why ‘Buddha Bowl’ Is A One Bowl Of Wonderful Health!


‘Buddha Bowl’

One Bowl Full Of Health!

Buddha bowl is merely not just food in a bowl, contrary to the meaning that this name suggests. It’s actually much more in detail, let’s just get into knowing it more to understand the true meaning. Pinterest does the complete task of making the person wonder that what exactly is this all about, is it merely a fad, or simply an eat with your eyes stuff because no matter how much you resist it, it’s actually pleasing to the eyes.

There are several food trends that keep coming and going but Buddha Bowl is something that can be kept close to the heart. The name is basically derived from the shape of Buddha belly it has been named after.

It can have a varied meaning having individual differences but in a general elaborative sense it can be defined as one-dish meal that consists of rice or whole grains, roasted vegetables along with a dressing of protein. The main origin of this resides in the clean eating phenomenon of the Japanese and Chinese medicine. Having known about what actually Buddha Bowl means, let’s know get into the process and the ingredients that it follows. These are the basic tips with which you can make Buddha Bowl at home itself.

Base with the Grains

Cooked brown rice, barley or bulgur can be the best choice. These whole grains are known for their capacity of making you feel filled for a longer duration of time and there’s no doubt in saying that their nutritional value is much more than the processed grains.

Layer with Vegetables

The cooked vegetables simply tossed in oil again can be used in the preparation of Buddha Bowl. The roasted vegetables from the farmer’s market can also act as a good add on. So the weekly leftovers are no more going into the waste, rather they can be utilised in the preparation of a much healthier thing. With these you can have the prettiest vegetables with different textures to have a pretty and delicious meal at your resort.

Protein Piling

What’s healthier then a truck load of protein? Simply top the bowl with your protein filled ingredients ranging from chickpeas, tofu, fish or chicken, as per your own choice.

Dressing Drizzling

Apart from consuming the packaged dressing that comes filled with the preservatives harmful for the body undoubtedly, you can switch to healthier homemade options. Dijon mustard or spicy sriracha can be considered as good options while preparing a dressing on your own.

Healthier Seeds

sesame seeds

The main agenda of Buddha Bowl is to have a healthy meal and that is incomplete without some seeds topped on the Bowl. Sesame seeds, chia seeds, and pepitas are some common and healthier options available.

The bonus

A soft boiled egg or an avocado can always work as the bonus ingredient. There’s no stopping as the Buddha Bowl caters for whatever you crave for.

My Take

Buddha Bowl, a complete meal in itself, along with the magic steps to have one prepared for your own self. So let’s go healthy this time and create our own Buddha Bowl, one bowl full of health.

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