Budget Friendly Home Workout Tools


Budget Friendly Home Workout Tools

I have not gone to the gym for about 7 months now. I have a gym in my office campus but somehow I don’t feel hygienic taking bath there and changing back to formals. N ofcourse, leaving the office gym in workout clothes is a NO NO for me, although a lot of people manage it effortlessly.

Therefore, I gathered a few small fitness tools that I use and workout at home.

Budget Friendly Home Workout Tools

1. Yoga Mat/Exercise Mat

I am not a regular yoga person. I do meditate and practice a few yoga postures but that’s not all. I use my exercise mat for doing core/abs exercises, stretches and floor exercises. Exercise mat gives much needed cushion and required support.

I prefer rubber mats since they don’t slip on marble floor/tiles. There are many colors available for fun 🙂 , although I have the usual color-Black !

2. Dumbbells

I am a big fan of weight training. It works great for me. I have two dumbbells of 3 kg each. If you are a newbie, start with 1 kg pair. Dumbbells come in different colors and materials. PVC dumbbells are available which don’t break when they fall , nor do they break your floor 😛 . I have not so girly dumbbells since I sometimes use them for push ups as well.

3. Exercise Balls

Budget Friendly Home Workout Tools

Exercise balls are great for core/ab workouts. With an exercise ball, you can work on all muscles of your core. Nowadays, I am doing angled crunches and will get an exercise ball soon. Choose a branded ball, for you would not want the ball to burst when you are lying on it 😀

4. Resistance Bands

These are great when you are on the go. These work exactly like weights do. You can start with a low-medium strength resistance band and increase the resistance by shortening it.

5. Pedometer

kanangadget 1

If you prefer walking, Pedometer is a must have. I have an iPod nano that works as a pedometer. Kanan has shared a review of a great pedometer she has been using for more than a year, check it out here.

6. Workout DVD’s

There is a huge collection of fitness and workout DVD’s in market. We have listed top DVD workouts here.

Now these were the Budget Friendly Home Workout Tools. If you wish to invest in a home equipment, below are some of the options –

  • Treadmill – You can invest in a good treadmill depending on how much are you going to use it and how many people will share the treadmill. Check our our tips to buy the right treadmill for you here.
  • Cross Trainer – This is also called elliptical machine. I personally prefer this over treadmill since I am able to burn more calories on this. In a cross trainer, your hands are also involved in movement unlike in a treadmill where you can choose not to move your hands.
  • Cycle/Spinning machine – These are also great options. Many people prefer cycling in front of the TV. Since its more compact than a treadmill, many people prefer owning a cycle.

Apart from the above 6 tools, you just need a weighing scale and a measurement tape to track your progress !

Which one is your favorite from these Budget Friendly Home Workout Tools?

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