Building Muscles In Old Age


Building Muscles In Old Age

muscles in old ageLean mass and muscle building is always in fashion. Men are conscious in older age about their fitness because one could not sit back and let diseases cover like a harmful cocoon. How to build muscles in older men? Is a commonly asked question online. Day by day the need of exercise and workout plans for men above 50 years is augmenting. Without a consultation of a fitness expert you cannot proceed towards any diet plan as there are so many problems which are prevailing in your body like diabetes, blood pressure fluctuations, heart problem etc. before enrolling you as a customer in a workout station, expert trainer check the BMI and other medical history.

Necessary exercises

To build muscles in older men, gym trainers make a workout plan in which static stretching and warm up is significant. The stiffness in muscles is more in seniors because as the age increases the level of muscles decreases. To put lean mass up and to build muscles in healthy manner trainers focus on different exercise schedules rather than plateauing over one.

  • Warm up and cardio-

How To Use Treadmill Effectively2Without a good warm up older men are not supposed to start cardio. Cycling, treadmill and cross trainer machines are used to burn fat and expose lean mass before muscle building process. 20 minutes cardio in which 10 minutes treadmill, 5 minutes cycling and 5 minutes other cardio machines are used.

  • Dumbbell set and squats-

There are various machines which you must have noticed in the gym, but not all are meant for older men because of low strength. Once stamina building is done by using cardio machines, the next step is to perform squats. Dumbbells of limited weight are used initially to bring tightness in the muscles of the arms and biceps.

  • The floor exercises-

old men musceles squatsAbs are important to focus while doing over all muscle building workout.

  • Lie down on the floor mat straight with both the hands should be placed behind your neck and lower head section.
  • Now pull your upper abdomen up steadily while keeping your feet firmly on the floor. This should be done in gradual repetitions. Do not stretch high in case you find the pressure on the spinal cord.

Remember, all exercises should be followed under expert supervision only because single wrong pull of the muscle will lead to major complications at this age.though exercising in any age is healthy, but in older age special care should be taken.

Diet for building muscles

muscle building foods

How to build muscles in older men without using supplements is very important to understand. Without protein shakes, pills etc older men can build muscles. Diet chart in which green vegetables, white meat, red meat portion and beans are included, are good for muscles. But many elderly workout maniac men are not allowed to consume protein because of low functions of organs such as kidneys. To them, protein free fruits, vegetables and white meat like chicken and fish is added to meals. Thus, one should always focus on regular cycling, cardio and stretching exercises to build lean muscles at an older age so that diseases could be prevented.

 Are you going to build muscles in old age?

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