How To Burn Calories Without Workout During Weekend?


How To Burn Calories Without Workout During Weekend?

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Hope your weekend was great. I am so sad that Monday is here 🙁 . This weekend I did not get time to workout at all. Saturday most of the day I was out from home. This gave me an idea to do a post on How To Burn Calories Without Workout During Weekend 🙂 , let’s get started.

Step 1 – Plan your weekend activity well in advance. This will give you an idea how much physical activity would you indulge in, during the weekend. Of course, if you think its equivalent to 30 minutes workout, you can think about giving your workout a break. I knew that I have lots of pending work on Saturday, hence I would need to walk a lot. This included shopping, I must have walked for at least 45 minutes. When I came back, I was tired , so no workout that day and no guilt of skipping it as well 🙂

Shopping losing 500 calories a day

Step 2 – Plan your weekend meals well in advance. This is must! You would have read our earlier post on people gaining weight during weekend and setting it off during weekday. Hence they keep yoyoing and claim that they are not able to lose weight. I had planned my cheat meal also over weekend and I made sure I have it during lunch just before shopping so that I can burn it off.

Step 3 – Plan a fun activity, well shopping is one of them 😉 Indulge in a weekend activity like swimming, zumba etc. You will not only feel rejuvenated but will also burn calories.

Zumba- a dance workout ad its benefits 1

Step 4 – During weekends, we usually do some household chores like dusting, arranging clothes etc. Do not delegate it to your maid, rather do it on your own. Else go for a morning walk! If you feel weekend is for getting up late in the morning, I am sure evening walks will have no excuses 😉

household chores to burn 500 calories

Step 5 – Cook yourself. I do it every weekend. I do have a cook but I ensure I cook over the weekend. This ensures that you are standing approximately 2 hours each day in kitchen and you are burning more calories that sitting. Those who hate cooking, my suggestion is to try cooking your favourite dish. If you like eating it, I am sure you won’t hate cooking it yourself 😛

Step 6 – Do not hog during dinner. If you do that, no matter how much you shopped or swam or danced, Monday will see a heavier you! So ensure that dinner is the lightest meal 🙂

If you have more tips, share with us.



Will you Burn Calories Without Workout During Weekend?

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