Burn More Calories By Running On Sand!

A young woman walking on the sand.

Burn More Calories By Running On Sand! Here’s How!

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Love going to the beach? Honestly, what do you love the most at the beach? Building sand castles or watching the waves. I am more of a wave-watching person as I feel I have some inner connection with the ocean. Me and my never-ending philosophy! Well, it is a blessing to stay near a beach not just because of the scenic beauty but also because it being a great place to work out! Walking on the beach is a good way to workout. The soft and granular surface provides a great resistance to run. Do you know that walking or running on sand burns a little more number of calories than a hard surface like a tar road.

Burn More Calories By Running On Sand!

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It may be difficult initially but it is worth the effort! Here is how to make it easy for you to walk on sand

Wear the right shoes

You don’t need any special kind of shoes for walking on the sand but make sure you dedicate a pair of shoes for the beach so that you don’t have to do the irritating task of removing all the sand that gets into them. If you prefer, you can run barefoot too! It is a great workout as your toe will be used as a grip to work out your calves and feet. You simply need to be careful as running on a n uneven surface can be a little painful and there is also the risk of sea shells and glasses that can hurt your feet. Choose the cleanest surface if you want to go barefoot. While running barefoot, begin with walking followed by a slow graduation to running and make sure you alternate between running and walking.

Go slow

You need to be sure that you go slow as running on sand can be a lot more challenging than running on a pavement. You must slow down your speed till you build enough stamina and endurance. Starting with baby steps is always a good idea.

Run on wet sand first

You should first run on wet sand which is a little firm and then run on soft sand. Switch to running on wet and hard sand for 3 to 5 minutes. Don’t run for more than 15 to 20 minutes till your feet get adapted to run on soft sand. The point is that you should be comfortable.

Walk barefoot in order to cool down

A young woman walking on the sand, Burn More Calories By Running On Sand

Post running you need to cool down. After running on the sand, it is better to cool down by walking barefoot on the beach for a few mins. Doing so will help in strengthening your feet and ankles. There are so many health benefits of walking barefoot. Check it out here!

Now, something that you should not give a miss. Don’t forget to apply a sunscreen that has a high SPF. Wear a hat to protect your face and pair of sunglasses to save your eyes from damage.

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