Cabbage for Weight Loss

cabbage and egg paleo diet

Cabbage for Weight Loss

A lot of you would have already made faces after reading the heading :D. I know I know ! Many people find cabbage to be tasteless and oooh not at all a treat to our taste buds !

But if you need to lose weight and God forbid if you are a vegetarian, you need to opt for veggies that are lower on the GI scale, read about GI here.

Cabbage is very universal, we have shared different ways you can use cabbage to prepare entire meal. Ana uses eggs and mushrooms and the dish looks drool worthy, check out here.

Egg recipes for weight loss+no carbs

 If you can’t have eggs, you can just saute cabbage in tomato and it tastes delicious. Recipe here.

Cabbage for Weight Loss

Let’s see why Cabbage For Weight Loss and Health !

Before I start blabbering about why cabbage , why why 😛 , let me tell you that you can even try Chinese cabbage ! Read about it here.

Chinese Cabbage Bok Choy Health Benefits and Recipe

Let’s begin –

Weight Loss

Cabbage contains fibre, good carbs and is also low in fat(although fat is no problem). Cabbage is extremely versatile and can be used in salads , in mix veg or standalone sabji or a full meal ! So, cabbage is perfect for weight loss.


The buzz word DETOX, all eyes here please ! Cabbage is a fabulous ingredient for flushing out toxins from your body. It has both Vitamin C and sulphur that are required during detox.

Relieves High Blood Pressure

Cabbage should be a daily meal in your diet if you suffer with High Blood Pressure. Cabbage contains potassium which is works for reducing and controlling high blood pressure.

Skincare and Hair Care

Dry skin ? Dry hair ! Go have cabbage right now :D. Sulphur is much required to works on acne and  dry skin and dry hair ! Sulphur also produces keratin which is boon for hair !

Cures Diabetes

Cabbage decreases  blood sugar levels. Red cabbage is better for diabetes patients.

Cancer Prevention

Cabbage contains sinigrin, lupeol and sulforaphan that prevent formation of tumours.


Cabbage contains antioxidants just like everyone’s favorite, green tea.

Do you know of some more cabbage recipes , share with us 🙂  


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