Calcium And Weight Loss-Are They Related?


Calcium And Weight Loss-Are They Related?

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Calcium is known to do great things for the body and one of the great things is reducing the chances of being overweight or obese.

Milk nutrition facts

A health expert says that middle-aged women tend to gain weight little by little every year whether they like it or not. And the bad news is that it all lands up on their waist. However, it has been found that women that have the maximum intake of dairy have zero average weight gain. On the other hand those who consumed the lowest amount of dairy gained about half a kilo of weight every year.

Sounds too good, right? There is one catch. For weight loss to happen you need to cut back on calories. Dairy will help in weight loss only when you have reduced calories. If you simply add dairy to the diet you have always been on, it won’t make any difference.

Why calcium is needed for good health

The science behind it

In studies related to both lab mice and humans, it has been found that calcium stored in fat cells play an essential role in regulating the way fat is processed and stored in the body. The bottom line is that the more calcium a fat cell has, the more fat will the cell burn and more will be the weight loss.

The mouse evidence

In one study, mice were specially grown to be obese. They fed the mice with high fat and high sugar diet for a period of 6 weeks. This led to a 27% increase in body fat. The mice were then put on a calorie restricted diet and calcium was given to two groups. The calcium made a huge difference. The mice that were not getting any calcium, just had an 8% loss of body fat and the mice that got calcium supplements had a 42% decrease in body fat. But mice that were fed with medium-dairy products saw a 60% decrease in body fat and those fed with a high- dairy diet lost 69%. Isn’t it all amazing?

The human evidence

32 obese people were involved in a study in which they were asked to take a low calorie diet. They were divided into 3 groups

Group 1: Individuals with a diet high in dairy

Group 2: Individuals who ate a bit of dairy but also consumed calcium supplements.

Group 3: Individuals on a diet low in calcium as well as dairy.

After a period of 24 weeks, everybody lost fat but those who ate a diet rich in dairy lost 2 and a half kilos more. The waist of dairy eaters shrank by more than one and a half inch and the others lost only a quarter inch. The yoghurt group lost most of the belly fat. Excess fat in the abdominal area is linked to heart attacks and other health issues.

weight loss rules

How calcium works to help weight loss?

Calcium provides little increases in thermogenesis, the core temperature of the body. This helps boost metabolism and can make our bodies to burn fat.

If your goal is weight loss, whole fat milk works wonders. It just that the cardiologists may not like it :P. You see, whole fat milk helps in providing satiety and this will make you eat less of other food.

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