Calorie Counting and Calculation of macros


Calorie Counting and Calculation of macros

mfp macrosHello!!

Today I am going to discuss about macro nutrients. Earlier our friend Tarun had given you a heads up here Check that out if you have no clue about what am talking about or you need to know where you can monitor your macros, helped me a lot… Thanks Tarun!! J J

So, back to our Macro story. I’m a member of my fitness pal, which is an app, easy to use and follow, but when it came to setting a specific ratio and the list of nutrients I was dumbfounded. We generally just look at Carbs, Proteins and Fats and get our act together, but there are a million other things which get completely ignored, like calcium, fiber, vitamins, zinc, folate etc. These are what we call micro nutrients, the body needs them too. You can usually find the breakup of micro nutrients and macro nutrients behind any food packaging, see below:

low carb ingredientsThus all in all we need a wholesome diet, but let’s focus on fats, carbs and protein, also fiber, but more about fiber later. So myfitnesspal (MFP) allows you to see these macro nutrients as you eat them, and of course log them in the dairy. You can set the ratio as per your requirements, one size doesn’t fit them all as you know, some are into weight gain, some weight loss, some muscle gain, some fat loss… you get the story. But, the most popular split of macros are a 40:30:30 i.e. 40g of protein, 30g of carbs and 30g of fats. You can tweak it around and see whatever works best for you. This ratio is the best bench mark you can get.

Here is a link below where you can enter your requirements as per your needs and calculate your daily calorie intake.

calorie intakeOnce you know your daily intake you can split your across accordingly.

With that done, why do you need more proteins than carbs or fat? Well, protein is more filling than carbs or fats and actually helps you burn more fats than any other food group. Yup, that is true, take that to the grave! Basically, protein needs to be digested twice in the body opposed to other food groups thus burning more calories in the process which is what we need! Who doesn’t want to burn calories doing nothing (Yup that’s me!)

Let’s do some math (don’t look the other way… weight loss is a math dude!)


You need 1g of protein for every 500g of body weight, so If am 75kg i.e. 150g I need 150g of protein a day, since that is way too much you can just set limit of say 100-120g of protein a day (Or you can just set a limit of your goal weight, if you plan to be 55kg then your protein intake should be 110g). Trust me it’s still hard.  A gram of protein is 4 calories, so multiply that by the protein intake like: 110g*4 = 440 calories. So these are the number of calories of protein you would want to eat each day.


Let’s move on to Fats. This is another essential macro nutrient. (No, am not talking about samosa and aloo laccha) fats provide body with energy as it is the most concentrated form of energy. It also provides cushion to the organs and helps in maintaining the cell membrane. The math involved with Fats now,

You need 0.5g of fats for every 500g of body weight, so again with the 75kg as base; I need 75g fats per day. Since 75g of fat on a weight loss schedule is a killer bring it down to 55g (same calculation as a goal weight).  A gram of Fats is 9 calories, so multiply that by the fats intake, like 55g*9 = 495 calories. So these are the number of calories of fat you would want to eat each day.

Phew, the math is done!

The easy part, add the above two calories (proteins and fats) and subtract them from your daily intake.

Here 440+495 = 935 calories thus subtracting that by 1375 (these are the number of calories which I need to consume daily to lose weight) the answer comes to 440 calories if carbs each day.  Since carbs contains 4g of calories per gram I guess it amounts to around 110g of carbs per day.

This is how you can work out your daily calorie requirements and ensure you have a healthy weight loss journey. Yea, it’s all a lot to calculate but it’s just once and also very easy. Give it a try.

how many calories

Hope you are not pulling your hair, it’s fun and easy. Try it!

This is Pooja signing off,


Here is to a healthy living and happy calculating calories and calculation of macros.

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