Cambridge Weight Plan For Weight Loss-Does It Work?


Cambridge Weight Plan For Weightloss

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Let me introduce you to a diet plan called ‘The Cambridge Weight Plan’. It is a low calorie diet plan or can be regarded as an extremely low calorie diet plan. It includes branded shakes, soups, bars and porridge. You can use the products as such for fast weight loss or they can be used along with meals for a gradual weight loss. There are several programmes beginning from 415 calories a day to more than 1500 calories a day.

For this programme you have to get in touch with Cambridge weight plan consultant. You can’t buy the products from shops or online stores. The consultant will decide which programme is best for you after taking your weight and measurement. This program has come to India too.

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This plan used to be called the Cambridge diet and it was developed by Dr. Alan Howard at the Cambridge University. It was meant for fast shedding of weight.

What you can eat in the Cambridge weight plan?

The amount of weight you want to lose decides what you can eat. There are certain branded products that contain carbs, protein, fibre and fat along with 30 other nutrients.

The branded shakes, soups and porridge are available in a sachet that should be mixed with water. They all come in various flavours. There are bars also and one can choose either the crunchy ones or the chewy ones.

Plan options

There are 6 options or steps in this plan, from where you should start will be decided by you and your consultant.

1) Sole source: 3 to 4 Cambridge diet products are consumed in a day.

Sole source plus – along with 3 branded products you can have a meal of 200 calories or 4 branded meals with 200 ml of skimmed milk. This stage should be followed minimum for 1 week to a maximum of 12 weeks. Daily calories in this stage would be between 415 and 615.

2) In the next stage comprises of 3 weight plan products along with food rich in protein, skimmed milk and veggies. It should give you 810 calories a day and should be followed for a minimum of one week.

3) Third stage offers 1000 calories a day. You can have 2 diet products, milk, breakfast and just salads for lunch and dinner. This stage is recommended to be followed for 2 weeks.

4) This stage has 2 diet products, skimmed milk and a lunch and dinner that is calorie controlled. In this stage more conventional food is added to the daily menu. You can follow it for as long as you want.

5) In this stage you are allowed 1500 calories that consists of 1 diet product, breakfast, lunch, dinner and also a snack. The Cambridge Weight Plan consultant will give you ideas for your meals. There are no restrictions. You can follow it as you like.

6) The last step is called the maintenance phase. If your weight has stabilized the Cambridge weight loss plan recommends planning of the future and eating a balanced and healthy diet. You should visit your Cambridge consultant and have one diet product a day.

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How this plan works?

Basically, this diet is a low calorie diet (very low!) along with nutritional supplements. The nutrients are balanced in a manner to start mild ketosis that helps in speeding up weight loss. By the way, ketosis means that the body is using fat for energy. It is also a low carb diet, once the body uses up its stores of carbs it is forced to use the other source of energy available i.e. unwanted fat.

What do the experts have to say about this diet?

Experts say that though the diet is medically safe, it should not be taken lightly. Such diets will make one regain the lost weight. After following the diet plan people return to their old lifestyle and the all the weight comes back. But the products in the diet have a role to play in the weight loss of obese people.

British Nutrition Foundation says that products and diets can help in motivating people and but there are no quick fixes. Weight loss is possible only by making diet and lifestyle changes that you can stick to. Instead of depending on short term diets, you need a balanced diet and the right amount of exercise to get proper results. 🙂

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