Can Astrology help in weight loss?


Can Astrology help in weight loss?

Secrets of Weight Loss And Indian Astrology

Secrets of Weight Loss And Indian Astrology

The other day I was interacting with one of the family friends who is an astrologer and he was telling me how stars and planets are the reason for so many things happening around. According to him there is a link between weight loss/gain and astrology also. Though I frowned initially but after a while decided to listen to his point of view patiently. (well no harm in listening to something others believe in)

Today I am sharing with you this interesting knowledge that I gained after talking to him considering the fact that it will make an interesting read and a general information about the wisdom of our ancient Indian astrological science.

Secrets of Weight Loss And Indian Astrology obesity

According to astrology there is a link between weight loss and placement of certain ‘Grahas’ or planets. We the living beings have been fighting against various odds like unpredictability of the climate, various diseases, and various natural disasters and sadly enough the biggest disaster of the modern times is obesity and weight gain. In our pursuit to shed that unwanted fat, most of us have generally tried out everything under the earth; from diet plans to exercises. Despite of our tiring efforts when we don’t seem to lose any weight then we get on to thinking that what is wrong with us? Why can’t we control our cravings despite of all effort? Why some people like Tarun have a bad Junk Tooth while some like me have a disastrous Sweet Tooth? They say Indian astrology has answers to all these mysteries.

Connection between Planets & Weight Loss

Indian Astrology explains logically most of the secrets of weight gain and loss, as the experts mention that there is a link between weight loss and movement of the celestial bodies.
An expert evaluation of the Birth Chart can reveal all the factors and the determinants which are responsible for a person’s weight loss or weight gain. Can you believe it? Isn’t it really interesting? Well, let’s see which planet has the major role to play in this dirty game of weight gain.


Secrets of Weight Loss And Indian Astrology jupiter

According to Indian Astrology, Jupiter plays a big role in weight related matters. It is Jupiter which rules our body’s tendency to retain fat, causing obesity, excessive eating habit, muscles and bulging abdomen. If Jupiter is in a good place in the birth chart then obesity can never be a matter of concern for the person, but Jupiter’s unfavorable position in a person’s Birth Chart can make him / her keep dreaming of a perfect figure and health.


Secrets of Weight Loss And Indian Astrology venus

Venus rules the liking for all kinds of pleasure giving elements like sweets and starches. It accentuates appetite and pleasure seeking senses. The output of these is products ruled by Jupiter, which causes expansion and heaviness.


Secrets of Weight Loss And Indian Astrology mars

Indian Astrology also says that Planet Mars represents energy, vitality and willpower. It energizes emotions and causes athletic abilities, quick action, and great stamina. If Mars is unfavorably placed then it can weaken the will power which makes it tough to achieve weight loss goals.


Can Astrology help in weight loss?

Indian Astrology says that the placement of planet Moon also determines the native’s obesity levels. Placement of moon causes water retention leading to bloating and excessive weight gain. Since Moon is considered the ruling factor of fluids in our body, this weight gain connection with moon seems to be quite convincing.


Secrets of Weight Loss And Indian Astrology saturn

Saturn is one planet, which governs our tendency to accumulate toxins and causes weight gain issues making you lethargic which is actually due to the increased toxins in the body.

Can Astrology help in weight loss?

Astrology can help controlling weight gain and for that many astrologers believe in doing some ‘Homas’ to suppress the bad influences of affected planets but I am not going to delve into all that as I promised you all an interesting read. Yes will really like to share a simple suggestion by the Indian astrological expert. They suggest to treat the following planets in this way:

  • Get rid of Saturn ruled end-products like toxins, in other words no smoking, alcohol or processed foods.
  • Use-up the Jupiter ruled products like Fats and carbohydrates in the form of sweets etc.through movement and exercise.

In short, after a long discussion every thing boiled down to one simple fact that weight loss is nothing but a process based on a simple formula and that is true to ancient Indian astrology as well as modern scientific research;

  • Exercise more
  • Reduce toxins in your body
  • Burn the fat

Thus proving well that there is no other way out for weight loss but “Calories In and Calories Out”.

 Are you ready for this all true formula of weight loss?