Can Drinking Cold Water Aid weight Loss?


Can Drinking Cold Water Aid weight Loss?

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When a person is on a weight loss spree, he or she is ready to try out everything under the sun! Am I right? If you want to lose weight, you must be searching for shortcuts to lose weight in some way or the other. Drinking cold water seems to be a relatively good trick! Let me tell you that you shouldn’t have high hopes about it as guzzling down cold water will only help you in remaining hydrated and nothing beyond that 😛

Can you lose weight by drinking cold water

Many people think that by drinking cold water instead of water at room temperature, they can burn calories and lose weight. It may sound technically true but the calorie burn is rather small and does not reflect in your weight.

A professor of nutrition sciences says that the hypothesis is that if one drinks cold water, the body will have to warm it up and this way you will burn calories and eventually lose weight. But the energy spent by the body is a very tiny amount that is not relevant to applications in real life. You would burn around 8 calories to warm up a glass of ice water and that hardly matters! If you are adding ice cubes to your water just to burn calories, your efforts are going in vain. You can’t burn a lot of calories just by drinking cold water.

Does water temperature matter?

There is a popular belief amongst those who are enthusiastic about detox that drinking warm or hot water is good for the body and boosts digestion. You would have heard many people suggesting detox programs (of which lemon juice with hot water tops the list). There is no solid scientific evidence to back this hot water concept too.

There is only one thing that the temperature of the water can affect and that is palatability. You are more likely to drink water if it is refreshingly cold and that too you will drink more of it! Don’t you feel so? You prefer a cold glass of lime juice instead of a warm one or one that is of room temperature! You will drink more of cold water when compared to warm water or that at room temperature. Your interest in cold water may vary with seasons. Summers can really be harsh in India and so cold water is a welcome thirst buster. Winters may turn your attention to warm beverages but cold water is always refreshing.

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Cold water and exercise

Drinking cold water may affect your metabolism slightly but it can help in rehydration when you are working out. You will also burn more calories when you drink cold water while exercising. On a hot day while exercising, cold water can help in lowering the temperature of your core slightly and will help in keeping you cool. Moreover, cold water is absorbed by the stomach faster than warm water. Some good news for runners: drinking cold water before your run will make you feel less exhausted! 🙂

Cold water-a shortcut?

Is there a shortcut for weight loss? I fear not! Just like the way there is no shortcut to success there is no shortcut to weight loss. There is nothing that can replace food control and exercise; both seem to be the only effective ways to reach your goal. So drink cold water if you like it but don’t expect it to reduce your weight in return!

Do you still believe that drinking cold water can aid weight loss?

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