How Can Moms Stay Fit Handling Child & Work?


Can Moms Stay Fit Handling Child & Work?

Hello Everyone,

This post today especially goes out to all those awesome moms who are managing the responsibility of work along with taking care of there child single handedly without an external support! Let me talk about how can moms stay fit handling child & work.

Motherhood is a huge responsibility undoubtedly but in my opinion it should not take a setback with the arrival of a new born and one should continue loving the body along with keeping pace with the day to day activities with children!

Can Moms Stay Fit Handling Child & Work
How Can Moms Stay Fit Handling Child & Work

I am not saying it is very easy to take out time and all! I know that it is by far very difficult to take out spare time so as to do a simple set of exercise at home but if you are willing to do it for your own healthy self and also keen on making the efforts for the same, then everything else rules out and you start taking it seriously and a day to day affair and not a once in a blue-moon activity!

Here are some ways in which you can ensure that you move your body even if you think you don’t have any time left after a hard day at work and managing the home affairs from morning till night!

Take your toddler for an Evening stroll-

mother with baby in pram

The best thing which you can start as early after delivery is that you can ideally take an evening or a morning stroll along with your toddler to a nearby park and get some fresh air!

This will not only warm you up bit by bit for the whole day activities but will also fill you with an energized self and you won’t feel any kind of lethargy for the rest of the day!

At home Exercise-

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If you cannot go out, make your self comfortable at home and practice Yoga. You can keep the baby pram aside to let you feel the contentment and motivation from inside!

Using the stairs-

Women running on stairs

While going for work with your baby along or at home with your relatives, make sure to leave a little early and use the stairs instead of the lift as this will add to the physical activity which you can least practice each day without a fail and it will certainly be fruitful after 2-3 months!

Relax Yourself Every week-

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You are a wonderful and multi-tasking person and so it is essential that once in a week your de-stress yourself and relax completely without thinking about your post delivery weight or issues at work! Just for a couple of hours spend time alone doing what you love, be it reading a book or catching up with old friends!

You can ideally take a walk through the beach or go for a spa session to relax yourself! Believe me it is going to make you feel so much better! If shopping makes you a happy soul, rightfully engage in some fun shopping as well!

Healthy Eating

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When you become a mom, you are always thinking about the healthy things you should give to your little babies but do make sure that you yourself cut the not-so-nutritious food from your diet and swap it will healthy choices of food! Have more smoothies, juices, salads, fruits and boost up your metabolism! This will also help you in making the best out your day to day healthy lifestyle changes! 🙂

I am not a perfect mom but I do try to balance my busy schedule along with taking care of the family and also make sure that I spend a lot of time with my daughter and do things which make us happy together!

What do you do to stay fit with a baby?

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