Can Tofu Help You Lose Weight?


Can tofu help you lose weight?

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Tofu is a famous soya product. You can extract the milk of soya beans and make tofu. Here is how you can make tofu at home click! It is a bit of a task when you make it at home but I feel it is totally worth the effort. You can also get it from super markets.

Tofu ready

People feel that tofu is meant for vegans but the truth is that it can comfortably fit anyone’s diet regardless of the person being a vegan, vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.

Tofu when consumed as a part of a low calorie diet will help in losing extra kilos. It has been found that people who follow a vegetarian diet weigh around three to twenty percent less than those who are non-vegetarians. No, this does not directly mean that you will be fat if you eat meat! So, you need not panic!

Calorie affair

Calories matter the most when you are on a weight loss spree. You need to consume lesser calories than you burn. Only then you will be able to lose weight. So, you have got to be conscious about your calorie intake. A regular tofu portion of half a cup has 94 calories in it. It does seem like a good option for those who count their calories!

Protein packed

According to USDA, half a cup of tofu has around 10 g of protein. Eating tofu increases satiety due to the protein content present in it. Taking sufficient amounts of protein helps in reducing the loss of lean muscle mass linked with weight loss. Soya protein is considered to be a complete protein unlike other plant based proteins, it has all the essential amino acids present in it.

When compared to people who get their protein from animal sources, people who get their protein from soya lose more body fat and have lower cholesterol levels.

Do you know that people who get 25 % of their calories from protein are less likely to be thinking about food than those who got just 14 % of their calories from protein?

Low carb

Low carb diets that contain less than thirty five percent of total calories from carbs help in reducing intake of energy and are capable in weight and fat loss when compared to other diets. If you need to consume less than 35% of the calories from carbs, then you should eat less than 105 g of carbs a day (when on a 1600 calorie diet). Tofu is very low in carbs, making it a ideal food for the low-carbers. Half a cup of regular tofu has just 2 g of carbs according to USDA.

How to include Tofu in your diet?

Tofu Stir Fry

Tofu is not that common when it comes to Indian households. It may seem difficult to include it in everyday diet and you may not enjoy its flavour if you are a first timer. But if you really want to lose weight you must go ahead. Soft tofu can be added to soups. Firmer tofus can be enjoyed as stir-fries or added to omelettes. They can also may be grilled and sautéed. In some recipes you can replace paneer with tofu and enjoy this Chinese and Thai staple in desi style in curries and masala!

Ready to eat tofu for weight loss???

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