Can Yoghurt Help You Lose Weight?


Can Yoghurt Help You Lose Weight?

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When does weight loss happen? It happens when a person eats lesser total calories than the calories burned by the body. There are some foods like yoghurt that are actually helpful in reducing total intake of calories. So, the big question is can yoghurt help you lose weight? If yes, let us find out how it does.


For centuries people have been eating yoghurt to help digest food. The path breaking fact about it reducing body fat quicker than exercise and dieting has popped up recently. When you eat yoghurt regularly, you can maintain an ideal body weight.

In a recent study it was found that women who had 3 servings of yoghurt every day lost more fat than others. The women consuming yoghurt were consuming more number of calories but were still losing fat faster than the group who was not eating yoghurt.

How does yoghurt burn fat?

The main reason behind its ability to burn fat can be that it is a good calcium source. One cup of yoghurt has about 300 mg of calcium to offer. An individual requires 1,200 mg to 1,400 mg calcium per day for making weight loss happen. Taking adequate calcium levels is linked with maintenance of healthy BMI levels and reduced body fat.

Yoghurt also has healthy bacteria that are needed by the digestive tract. The healthy flora of the gut helps in absorbing more nutrients out of the food consumed. They also protect against several food borne illnesses too.

It is low in calories and also a good source of lean protein. Having good amounts of the filling macronutrient will make you feel less hungry till your next meal.

How to include yoghurt in your diet?

weight maintain yogurt

It is pretty easy for us Indians to include curd or yoghurt in our diet. Indian food always has a cup of curd along. Be it Hyderbadi biriyani or the normal roti sabzi; they are incomplete without yoghurt :). If you are more inclined to eating the American way, you can replace calorie dense and fat loaded salad dressings and dips with the humble yoghurt. It makes a good and healthy portion controlled snack on its own too. It is far better than the packet of chips and crisps. You can add fruits, nuts to it and enjoy it as a dessert. It is better to have it unsweetened.

How to stay fit in the monsoons yogurt with dry fruits

We Indians enjoy our yoghurt in drink form too. I am talking about chach or butter milk! Yes, the yummy chach is a great heat buster and a digestive aid. It helps get rid of indigestion and heart burn. It is light and hydrating. Instead of downing glasses of fizzy drinks or sugary sodas it is a good idea to have a chilled glass of buttermilk with a little salt and jeera powder.

Yoghurt is not bad even for the poor lactose intolerant souls! People who are lactose intolerant can’t digest dairy properly. If your allergy to lactose is mild, then having yoghurt is not a bad idea at all. The healthy bacteria present in yoghurt eats up the lactose to certain extent making yoghurt a great calcium source for the lactose intolerant.

If you want to look slim and at the same time glow with good health, you should be including yoghurt in your diet.

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