Cardio Exercises For Beginners

Butt Kickers home cardio

Cardio Exercises for Beginners

best cardio at home

Are you on a weight loss journey or may be just trying to stay fit and disciplined? Ask anyone, the only advice you will receive from all and sundry will be, “Do some cardio.” To your ease and comfort here we explain to you what are the Best Cardio Exercises For Beginners.


● Swimming

Jumping rope

● Kettle bells

● Stair climber


All the above mentioned cardio workouts need no introduction as all those are part of our daily life. Some Cardio workouts can be done easily at home without requiring any equipment.

1. Plyo Power Knees

Home workout Plyo Power Knees

  • Start with your feet spread wide, weight primarily on left leg and arms extended overhead.
  • Next, bring your right knee in towards your chest while bringing your hands down towards the lifted knee, gently tapping your knee.
  • Extend your right leg back to the original position and continue
    this motion, 50 times on one side, then 50 times on the other side.

2. Side to Side Punches

Side to Side Punches Home cardio

  • Stand with your feet wider than hip distance apart and turn your body to the right, putting most of your weight on your right leg.
  • Punch out to the right side with your left arm, then bring your
    right leg in towards your left as you ‘skip’ up, lifting both arms overhead.
  • Land with most of your weight on you left leg as you punch out with your right arm.
  • Continue to do this back and forth 50 times.

3. Mummy Kicks

Mummy Kicks home cardio

  • Start with your arms extended out in front of your shoulders, palms facing down, one arm stacked over the other.
  • Shuffle one leg out and in front of your body slightly, then quickly switch legs and arms simultaneously.
  • Do 50 mummy kicks.

4. Suicide Drills

 suicide drill cardio

  • Start in a wide stance, weight distributed on your right leg, reaching your left hand near your foot, body angled down.
  • Using your right leg for power, quickly lift your body up and execute a one-step shuffle over to your left as you place all the weight on your left leg and reach with your right hand.
  • Complete 50.

5. Butt Kickers

Butt Kickers home cardio

  • Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, then lift your right foot back towards your booty as if you are trying to kick it.
  • Switch legs and do this quickly for 50 repetitions (each time your right leg kicks your backside, count that as one).

So, is there any need to step out of the home and hit the gym!  You can maintain a good weight and stay fit at home even. Wish you all the luck for the exercise journey!

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