3 Cardio Workouts Far Better Than Running


Cardio Workouts Far Better Than Running

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Do you love running? The breeze blowing against your face, greenery around and life on fast forward mode makes it a most sought after workout. There are a lot of health benefits of running too! But that is not the situation when you run on the treadmill. Only outdoor running will connect you to nature and the beauty of actual running.

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Running on the treadmill might give you the feeling of a rat on a wheel! A feeling of mechanical living and monotony might overshadow you. If it is so, you should change your routine and no not just because you are bored of it! You are a human being and you have not been designed for training on a conveyer belt. Humans are simply not made for repetitive and one dimensional movement.

Now, if I tell you that there are workouts that are a lot more fun than running, will you believe me? Hop on to discover these totally amazing workouts! Dare to try something completely different. Here are 3 Cardio Workouts Far Better Than Running!

1) The 55 workout

burn 200 cal in 20 mnts squats

Start with one body weight squat and 10 push-ups. Take rest for 30 secs and then proceed to do 2 squats and 9 push-ups. Gradually move on to doing 10 squats and just one push up.

By the time you are done. You will complete 55 reps of each exercise. This way you will reap the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic training along with the muscular pump of strength training.

2) 10 m sprints

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Locate an area in your gym where you can sprint for about 10 m. After you cover the covered the distance, pause for a second long enough to inhale and exhale once through the nose. Sprint back and pause again, but this time to inhale and exhale twice through the nose. Keep doing the drill and breathing in a normal way as you sprint and add an extra nose inhalation and exhalation as you pause. Keep doing this till you can no longer breathe through the nose.

Breathing through the mouth requires more effort even when you are at rest. This increases the intensity of exercise. The result is better than what you get while working out on the treadmill.

3) Jumping jack pyramid

burn 200 cal in 20 mnts jumping jacks

Try to do as many jumping jacks as you can in a span of 10 secs. Then take rest for the same amount of time. Next do as many jumping jacks as you can in 20 secs and take rest for 20 secs. Now do as many jumping jacks that you can do in 30 secs followed by 30 secs of rest. Now do jumping jacks with time period down the pyramid from 30 to 20 to 10 secs. Repeat this thrice. This way you will change the way you think about jumping jacks!

Don’t the above three exercises sound something new and fun? They are bound to burn calories as they are a power packed workout. Try them out and let us know how you felt after doing them.

Hope you liked reading this post ‘3 Cardio Workouts Far Better Than Running’!

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