5 Causes Of Bloating Due To Salads


Causes Of Bloating Due To Salads

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Every fitness enthusiast will recommend that you should eat salad every day. Veggies have become a rage these days! However, tell me honestly, are you feeling bloated just after a green feast? If yes, the culprit is the very salad you ate!

If you are not careful, you can turn a salad into a burger. Oily dressings, too much of fibre and lots of salt can make your so called ‘healthy salad’ turn into something else – for your gut!

Now, there is a way out by which your tastes buds and gut can be equally happy! Check out the causes of bloating due to salads and what to do the next time you order your salad!

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1) The dressing is the spoil-sport

So, you know that when your salad is swimming in dressing, it isn’t good for you. But there is more to it than the quantity. You have to be on a look out for things like oil, salt and sugar in your dressing as these are the ingredients that can get you bloated. This definitely does not mean that you have to eat a dry salad. You can squeeze on the juice of a lemon and enjoy your salad. Lemon juice stimulates digestive enzymes and functions as a de-bloater. If you like you can make your own salad dressings- Check out the DIY salad dressing recipes by Kanan!

2) There are too many raw veggies in your salad

Uncooked veggies have fibre in them. Even though your gut loves fibre, not everybody can tolerate it in huge quantities. Too much of it in one go can simply get stuck in your digestive tract.

Quick fix: Steam your veggies a bit or roast them before adding them to your bowl. This will make it easier on your tummy. One good salad base is spinach as it is soft and easy to digest with lots of goodness.

Quick Low Carb Vegetable Salad Recipe (2)

3) Some toppings add on to the salt and sugar content

Adding nuts and dried fruits on top of your salad can boost the taste but can also cause trouble later. This is because they usually have added sugar which is one common ingredient that causes bloating. Sugar tends to make the wrong kind of bacteria to grow inside your gut and leads to gas. Though nuts are good for you as they have healthy fats and protein, they can be loaded with salt and oil (both lead to bloating).

Quick fix: Choose fresh papaya instead of dried fruits as it has papain, a digestive enzyme. Nuts can be added but make sure that they are raw and unsalted. You can even sprout the nuts to reap more benefits.

4) Legumes can lead to fiber overload

Pulses are healthy as they have a good amount of plant-based protein. However, if you cannot digest raw veggies, legumes can also be harsh on your digestive tract. Canned beans in particular are trouble makers

Quick fix: Go in for soaked and cooked beans. They are nutritious and less gas-producing than canned beans.

Bean-Salad-healthy italian food

5) You have a huge bowl of salad

Moderation is important when it comes to food. Even too much of a good thing can be bad for your GI tract. But, how much is too much? It can be somewhere between a side salad and an entrée salad.

So, now that you know all the intricate details of the salad eating, why don’t you just try it out and see the difference.

Hope you liked reading the main causes of bloating due to salads!

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