How To Celebrate Eid In A Healthy Way?


Find Out How To Celebrate Eid In A Healthy Way?

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Eid Mubarak!

Eid is the day when you feast and celebrate after a month long of fasting! Families come together and pray to celebrate the occasion. And if celebration is there, how can food be far behind? Yeah, food is the main part of any celebration for that matter.


After a month long fasting, people are trying to return to their normal eating schedule that they followed before the month of Ramadan. There may be heart burn or indigestion as it takes time for the body to adjust to any sudden change in eating habits. Hence it is important to start eating meals that are not too harsh on your digestive system.

Here are some tips for you that will help you celebrate Eid better and be good for your health at the same time. So, Celebrate Eid In A Healthy Way this time!

Say no to heavy meals

Meals that have a high content of fat and sugar cause digestive problems. They remain in the belly for a longer time as they take more time to get digested. This causes gastric upsets, indigestion, heartburn and flatulence. When getting back to your normal eating habits, it would great to begin with lighter meals and choose healthy foods.

Eat small and frequent meals

When you eat large and heavy meals in one go you can create gastric problems. It takes longer to digest a larger meal. You should consume short and frequent meals that are easy on the stomach and also help in stimulating your metabolism. It would be great to have short gaps between meals like 3 to 4 hours instead of 6 to 7 hours.

Your meals should have healthy ingredients

Non-veg food is what is served during Eid and it would be the bulk of your diet. However, you can make certain tweaks like selecting leaner cuts and removing visible fat from the food you cook. When you make sweets, you should avoid adding too much of condensed milk and go easy with the sugar. It would be a good idea to add fruits and dry fruits as they have natural sugars in them.

Use healthy cooking methods

Avoid cooking food that is dripping with oil. Instead of frying your food, you can bake, grill or barbeque it. For instance, have chicken tikka, baked fish or chicken, roasted chicken, grilled sandwiches, grilled chicken or paneer. It will easier to digest than food that is deep fried.

grilled veggies- ordering healthy at restaurants

Have less amount of salt

Do not add too much salt to any of your recipes. Too much of salt is bad for your health. You can replace it with herbs, spices like parsley, thyme, coriander powder, rosemary, chilli powder, pepper powder and lemon juice. These herbs and spices have a lot of health benefits to offer. They also make the food tasty.

Enjoy your day!

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