Celebrity Diet Plans For Stunning Figure


Celebrity Diet Plans For Stunning Figure

Hello All!! Do you make diet plans so that you can lose weight and fit in your favorite outfit?

Now I have got some really effective diet plans of Hollywood divas who have grabbed the limelight with their weight loss success stories.

Low carb diet

Celebrity Diet Plans For Stunning Figure

Popular singer Christina lost 40 pounds after a low carb diet that comprised of lean protein, like chicken along with lots of veggies. So, what is a low carb diet after all? Quite self explanatory, it means having a diet low in carbs. Easily digestible carbohydrate containing foods like bread, pasta and sugar are avoided/ replaced with fat and moderate protein containing foods like meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits(chiefly berries).

Carbs occur naturally in these foods too. As you know carbs are broken down by the body and converted to glucose. This glucose enters the cells with the help of insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas. A part of the glucose is used to meet the energy needs of the body and the remaining is stored in the body as fat. Insulin is known to prevent the break- down of fat by allowing blood sugar to be used for energy. When one follows a low carb diet, there are lower insulin levels in the body as the glucose levels are lower. This makes the body burn the fat that is stored in the body to meet the energy requirements to do the day to day activities. This helps in losing excess body weight. This diet is also helpful in reducing the risk of other diseases like heart trouble, high BP and diabetes. Simply put- low carbs—> low glucose —–>low insulin—–> body consumes fat stored for energy.

30/30/40 diet or Zone diet

diet plans for a stunning figure 2 Jennifer

Jennifer Aniston follows the 30/30/40 diet. This diet is also called zone diet. Basically in this kind of a diet, 30 percent of the meal should comprise of protein, another 30 percent should be fats(healthy), and the remaining 40 percent should be a healthy source of carbs( Jennifer eats fruits and vegetables) . Instead of restricting certain foods completely, the quantity/ratio of foods is controlled. This diet works for weight loss and overall good health.

Weight watchers’ diet

diet plans for a stunning figure 3 jessica

Singer Jessica Simpson lost weight post pregnancy after following weight watchers’ diet. What is this weight watchers’ diet? Well, Weight Watchers’ program is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle. Every food is assigned a points value, based on its nutritive value. Which means the content of protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and calories of the food plus the effort to be made by your body to work to burn it off gives it the points. Processed stuff has higher point values. High point food should be consumed the least. Nutritionally dense foods have lower points than empty calories. The less you score the healthier you eat. This diet seems to promote heart health.

Atkins diet

diet plans for a stunning figure 4 kim

Diva Kim Kardashian lost oodles of weight after her delivery by following the Atkins diet. According to this diet there is limited consumption of carbohydrates. This is done to switch the body’s metabolism from using glucose as energy over to converting fat stored in the body to energy. The first phase has certain rules like not more than 20 gms of carbs (from veggies), protein and fat from eggs, fish, chicken and vegetable oils. No nuts, fruits, pasta, bread, grains, seeds, beans caffeine, alcohol. Next phase, the “ongoing weight loss” stage, you can slowly add more veggies, seeds, nuts, legumes, berries and other fruit and whole grains. After that, to maintain the weight, depending on your body’s needs, you can eat more carbs and add more variety of foods to your diet.

Vegan diet

diet plans for a stunning figure 5 Rooney

Actress Rooney Mara lost more weight after adopting a Vegan and gluten free diet. There are many other celebs too that have gone the Vegan route for health and weight loss. It is a diet that does not include eggs, meat, dairy products and other ingredients derived from animals. So no milk, curd, cheese and butter! A vegan diet follower can eat all kinds of grains, legumes, beans, vegetables and fruits.

Gluten free diet

In a gluten free diet people do not consume a protein called gluten. It is found in wheat, barley and other such grains. It is mainly used to treat celiac disease. People suffering from this disease are sensitive to gluten. Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, dairy are allowed. Grains like amaranth, corn, flax, millet, arrowroot, buckwheat, quinoa, rice, sorghum are allowed.

Hope you found the article informative. Stay healthy!