Celebrity Interview-Bonny Sengupta On Fitness


Celebrity Interview-Bonny Sengupta On Fitness

So now that we all have made a pledge to stand strong and united – being fit and happy, I also made a pledge to the lovely ladies behind IWB, to rope in celebrities and stars to talk to us ‘one on one’ and to share with us secrets on how they keep fit.

I have already shared with you Indian Film Industry Director – Onir Mukherjee’s secret tips (Read here) to staying fit while being on the go – the buck doesn’t stop rolling there. I love meeting people and talking with them, understanding their lifestyle – irrespective of their societal status quo.

We often look at glossy magazine covers and television ads, movies or the ramps and drool over the Greek Gods and Venuses – their bodies, their style and personalities to be precise. But, it is a tough job and a very hectic life for them; we aren’t aware of most of the times.

It was at a friends’ birthday celebration when I bumped into Bonny Sengupta – a bright young upcoming actor, with a lineage from the Bengal Film Industry (his father Anup Sengupta). However, just like everyone else, Bonny has an identity of his own, an image to maintain and psst – for sure I know of him as a ‘humble, charitable and a very down-to-earth man’.

For the youth out there who think the ‘beefy look’ or the ‘reed thin’ saga is the ‘way to go’; Bonny Sengupta would surprise you with his stance on the same. This August (2014), Bonny made his debut as a hero for the Bengali movie ‘Borbaad’ – he proved his talents and quality no doubt; his fans wait with baited breath for his next release.

Bonny SenguptaSource: Bonny

While that happens, here is what I gathered about our dear friend Bonny (yes, he likes being everyone’s friend). After completing his masters from Kolkata, Bonny ventured into the world of acting – Tollywood welcomed him with open arms. Our handsome prince has had a transformation, with his own hard work and discipline in place – health wise. Today he would like to share with us a few tips on how he manages to stay absolutely fit and in shape.

Bonny Sengupta fitnesssource: Bonny

Ladies! Your Bong Connection Now Unveiled

Just like most of us, Bonny too is a fan of ‘fast foods’ and ‘junk crunchies’, but what he loves the most as a hot piping meal is a plate of ‘mom’s homemade delicacies. Bonny occasionally digs his fangs into Chinese, Italian and other flavours too, however, home food is what the actor prefers. Our friend here (I take the liberty once again to call him a ‘FRIEND’) loves travelling, working out and staying positive – hotness explained!

Socially speaking, at a party I hold a glass or two – 2 pegs and that is it. Doctors too opine the same, and doing so occasionally wouldn’t harm the body.

Bonny Sengupta fitness india

Source: Bonny

His stance on eating right- Bonny Sengupta Speaks

Eating right according to me is having proper food at the right time. My daily food intake comprises 3 egg whites every morning, and I wash it down with green tea and a toast.


Once breakfast is done and I am satiated, I then head off to the gymnasium. My workout session is about an hour and a half. Post the workout session, as you would know, the body needs replenishment – protein shakes to the rescue.


For lunch, I have two cups of rice with chicken. Once lunch is done, I keep myself busy. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I attend my dance classes. Thursdays and Sundays, I am busy with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Tea time is a simple affair with my family or friends or at work usually – I consume dry fruits with fresh juice.


My dinner is always on time (10 max 10.30), and I have boiled chicken with boiled veggies, that’s it.

Bonny Sengupta foodSource: Bonny

Exercise regime and tips by Bonny

“I love my body, I am not bulky-beefy nor am I thin, hence I feel fit! I workout maximum 4 days a week, concentrating on ‘2 body muscles’ each day, and NOT OVERDOING IT!

One day I would focus on my chest and triceps, the next day I would do my biceps and shoulders. The third day I would do the legs and the back, and on the fourth day, I do a mix of them all.

Ab exercises are a must, it helps me keep my tummy flat – crunches, cross crunches, scissors, leg raises et al – no bulgy tummy to deal with.

My personal suggestion for the members and readers of IWB would be to eat well and eat healthy. It would be wise to bring down the consumption on junk food and to run or jog daily – it helps a lot to stay fit.

Bonny Sengupta beach jpg

Source: Bonny

Please DO NOT STARVE to be thin. Eating right, small 4 meals a day, and according to what your dietician says would be best. Remember, the glamour world is different from the real world – none of us have starved to look as we are. We work out and eat right; you too should do the same. Oh yes, please have at least 8 glasses of water everyday – helps flush the toxins and brings about a glow to the skin, and keeps you from overeating too. When working out, start small at first and do not overdo the same. You cannot build muscles and abs in a month – every BODY is wired differently, so please respect your body and do not push or force it into something you would regret later.

Bonny Sengupta fortjpgSource: Bonny

So here I brought to you another celebrity who is now making waves in Kolkata – he was kind enough to discuss with me via whatsaap (sorry ladies I ain’t giving you his number) his fitness regime and diet routine. Guess what – he doesn’t have a dedicated ‘fitness trainer’ for help as such; he is a one man army!

Inspired are you? Share with us your story too – let me know if I can interview you as well! Stay healthy and gorgeous the right way darlings.

Signing off

Rohan A H Noronha

Do you also have any Fitness Mantra like that of Bonny Sengupta?

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