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Indian Celebrity Nutritionists

A Recent study published in the noted medical journal Lancet says,” India is just behind US and China in this global hazard list of top 10 countries with highest number of obese people.”In today’s fast changing life with a hectic lifestyle with no time to concentrate on the physical aspects of the body, the role of a Nutritionist  or a Celebrity Nutritionist assumes tremendous importance & significance as most of the body disorders & diseases stem from improper diet & inability to comply with strict adherence to nutritional management.

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Sedentary lifestyle,junk food are self destructive methods which are almost robbing of their good health.This makes one in every five Indian men and women obese or over weight.Excessive weight is associated with a series of health problems like blood pressure,diabetes and cardio vascular ailments.There are a couple of Celebrity Nutritionists in India who shares some insights to give you a healthy edge.


The power packed Celebrity Nutritionists in India;

Rujuta Diwekar, Mumbai

This is the first name which comes to my mind while writing about a health Nutritionist in India. She helps the rich and famous looks slim and gain confidence.She’s the dietitian from Mumbai.In college,she developed an keen interest in Aerobics and studied Nutrition from SNDT University. Her Food Philosophy – ‘Eat right and the right amount,lead a disciplined life,rise and wake up at the same time”.Read the book ;Dont Lose your Mind Lose your Weight’ for  power packed learning on nutrition.

Shikha Sharma,Delhi

Shikha studied MBBS degree from Maulana Azad Medical College and an inherent interest in a natural and healthy way of life helped her realize her true calling;Preventive Medicine. She studied Ayurveda. She diagnoses clinically the medical needs of patients and analyses their body constitution.She strongly recommends both men & women after the age of 35 to go for regular health check ups and modify their food pattern according to their lifestyle.

Anjali Mukherjee,Mumbai

Anjali Mukherjee is a well known name in the world of Health nutritionists.She started her clinical practice in 1984.With a specialization in Dietics & Nutrition from American Academy of Nutrition, she followed a PhD in alternative Medicine. As a nutritionist she believes in understanding her patients lifestyle issues to the core and develop crucial insights on it. She started her own company in 1997. She believes food has tremendous healing power and if correctly adapted to the body,it not only brings down weight but also corrects a host of other conditions in the body. Self -indulgence is a evil.

Pooja Makhija

An MSc in Food Science and Nutrition from Mumbai, Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist to a wide gamut of people from diverse backgrounds to include film & fashion fraternity, CEOs, entrepreneurs and housewives. Pooja’s cream of celebrity clients include Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar etc

Raksha Changappa

She is an Indian dietician-cum-nutritionist based in Bangalore. She is a published nutrition author, a nutrition panelist and a dietician who has a host of awards and accolades to her credit.

Shonali Sabherwal

She is one of the minds behind a Macrobiotic & a Vegan diet. A celebrity macrobiotic nutritionist who is known for her brand Soulfood which is about the macrobiotic approach to lifestyle and diet explores healthy food choices for her celebrity clients.

Shubi Hasaan

Shubi Hasaan is a leading nutritionist and entrepreneur. Her products and diet plans are available under the brand name Indiadiets Health Perfect.

People who are experts at Nutrition are the right people to guide you to eating right. So, consult with any of these expert Nutritionists right now,in India!

Hope you found this post on celebrity nutritionists useful!

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