Cellulite And How Aromatherapy Can Help


Cellulite And How Aromatherapy Can Help

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Cellulite is probably the most troublesome affliction to hit women. It is a surprising thing that not all doctors acknowledge that it even exists. They argue that it is mere fat and you need to lose weight. The beauticians are known to point to hormones, poor circulation and fluid retention. Many therapists feel that cellulite is caused due to the body’s inability to eliminate toxins efficiently.

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Common suspects

The following have been known to be the cause of cellulite:

  • Fast food
  • Chocolate
  • Nicotine
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Toxin build-up
  • lack of exercise

There are experts who feel that the cause can be none of the above and even men can be affected by the curse of cellulite. Poor diet and lack of physical activity are often the common culprits but the surprising fact is that even Olympian women athletes suffer from it! So, blaming diet and exercise is just not right. There are many other reasons but let us not get into all that. Let us focus on treating cellulite!

How aromatherapy can come to your rescue?

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Poor circulation is known to be one causative factor and thus getting a massage done with essential oils is regarded as a wonderful remedy for cellulite. The powerful combination is known to increase circulation eliminate toxins by unblocking congestion in the lymphatic system. If done in the right way, it helps in breaking down fat deposits too. Breaking down fat with massage is great news!

Cellulite looks worse if you happen to suffer from fluid retention. Massage is known to activate the lymph vessels and nodes that help transporting toxins out of the body. Using correct essential oils helps in facilitating this action and there exist several oils to choose and make the blend.

You need to use smooth and firm movements to treat cellulite and not put excess pressure on the affected areas. Don’t think that rubbing it so hard that it gets bruised will make it go away 😉 Mere massaging does not treat the underlying cause of cellulite, but it unblocks lymphatic congestion and brings relief by firming and toning the skin making it silky and smooth.

The easiest way of stimulating the circulatory system is taking a nice and relaxing warm water bath with the essential oils that are known to increase blood circulation, detoxify the body, act as diuretic as well as balance the hormones. However, this doesn’t mean that bathing thrice a day will erase all the cellulite you have!

Essential oils that get rid of cellulite

The essential oils that are added to the blend should have juniper berry essential oil for being diuretic in nature and citrus oils like lemon and grapefruit that stimulate the lymphatic system.

As many experts are under the impression that hormonal imbalances are the ones that are responsible for cellulite. Adding geranium oil to the blend is considered beneficial as it has a balancing effect of hormones. The other essential oils that can be used in the anti-cellulite treatment plan are carrot seed oil, cypress oil, ginger oil, lime oil, thyme white and rosemary.

While making the blend for the massage oil, cream and lotion, don’t add more than 5 drops in total of individual or blended essential oils to each 10 ml of the carrier you choose. You need to massage in the blend well and while standing up roll the folds of the flesh between the thumb and fingers in order to break up the deposits of fat. Start above your knees and work it up towards the groin. Repeat the same on the back of the thighs.

Remember, to make your blend it is recommended to take the advice of a practicing aroma therapist.

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