Cellulite – Facts and Fiction


Cellulite – Facts and Fiction

How To Prevent Cellulite Formation (2)

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Cellulite is more like a curse for most women. Do you too suffer from it? What do you do about it? Sweating it out at the gym most probably! You see, cellulite has genetic and hormonal causes behind it. There exists a comprehensive long term strategy to improve it. Many people have said different things about cellulite.  Check out the facts and fiction regarding it!

How To Prevent Cellulite Formation (1)

Claim No 1: You can get rid of cellulite by exercising

Not true!

It is always said that working out can remove cellulite but sadly exercise is not sufficient in shifting lumpy fatty deposits that are anchored deep under the skin. This kind of a fat is the one metabolized from food and genetic fat stores that are found around the thighs and buttocks. However, exercising (which includes walking, running, skipping) forms a great cellulite-busting strategy on the whole. This way a real boost is given to venous as well as lymphatic circulation.

Claim No 2: Hormonal balance can affect cellulite

That’s true!

With your hormonal balance in harmony, there can be a reduction and halt in the further development of cellulite. Lack of the hormone progesterone is often known to create a cellulite effect. There are herbal remedies that are recommended to boost the progesterone hormone. You can check with your doctor on how to balance your hormones.

Claim No 3: Cutting calories is the only way of getting rid of cellulite

Not true!

Slim women suffer from it too! Losing weight by following a highly restrictive diet will not be of help. Using drastic ways to lose weight will not solve issues but will only aggravate them. You run into the risk of losing muscle mass and increase the chances of cellulite-buildup.

Claim No 4: The Mediterranean diet is very effective

Mediterranean food

That’s true!

By definition, cellulite is an inflammatory condition. A Mediterranean diet comprises of foods that are rich in antioxidants such as fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and whole grains. This makes this diet a lethal weapon against lumpy deposits. Foods with fast acting sugars with high GI should be avoided as they increase storage of fat and cause a spike in insulin levels. You need to keep an eye on hidden salt too as it is often responsible for water retention. Eat more protein and avoid having soup in the evening.

Claim No 5: You can tackle cellulite with herbal remedies

That’s true!

The active ingredients in some plants can help the body in eliminating toxins, flushing out tissues full of fat and water. There are many herbal plants such as dandelion, fennel, birch, artichoke, black radish, red vine leaf, witch hazel and ginkgo biloba that help in boosting the blood flow back to your heart and help the lymphatic system. Drinking water can also help in stimulating the digestive transit in order to get rid of inflammatory toxins.

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