Burn Whopping Calories With Chair Cardio Exercises


Burn Whopping Calories With Chair Cardio Exercises

Hello All!!!

Have you ever wondered that you can do a great fat burning cardio workout while sitting on a chair? Yes, chair cardio routines are much in vogue these days. Also, they are relatively low impact exercises. So let’s get going!

All you need for these exercises is a sturdy chair that has a flat back!

1) Seated jacks

seated jacks- Burn Calories With Chair Cardio Exercises

Most workout routines begin with a warm up session of jumping jacks. However, as we are doing the entire series of workout on a chair, we will be doing seated jacks. Don’t be aghast! It can be done! You will burn calories easily with seated jacks.

  • Sit on the chair, keeping your knees together.
  • Join the knees, keeping your toes pointed.
  • Bend your elbows and open up your arms to the sides.
  • Keep your palms facing forward.
  • Bring both legs to the sides and flex your feet.
  • Allow your legs to land on your heels and bring the arms together above the head, just like how you do in a normal jumping jack.
  • Return to the position from where you started.
  • Perform 25 to 30 reps in a row.

2. Skater switch

Skater switch- Burn Calories With Chair Cardio Exercises

This is a low -impact version of side skater. It engages the core, arms, inner thighs and shoulders.

  • Sit on the edge of the chair
  • Bending the right knee to the side, extend the left leg out to the other side.
  • Your toes should be kept pointed.
  • Extend your arms and lean forward.
  • Try touching your right foot with your left arm.
  • Switch sides and do the same.
  • Take rest and repeat.
  • Do 25 to 30 alternating reps.

3) Leg lift and twist

Leg lift and twist - Burn Calories With Chair Cardio Exercises

This move tones your abs, quadriceps and inner thighs.

  • Sit on the chair’s edge.
  • Start extending your right leg straight while keeping it grounded.
  • Keeping your crossed over your chest, brace your abs.
  • Rotate the upper body to the right while lifting the right leg to your left knee.
  • Squeezing together your knees, return to the starting position.
  • Switch sides and repeat the same.
  • Perform 15 to 25 reps.

4) Hinge and cross

Hinge and cross- Burn Calories With Chair Cardio Exercises

This move helps strengthen the abs and back muscles, while working out the lower body.

  • Sit straight on the chair while keeping the knees together.
  • Keeping your toes pointed, lift your hands and bring them behind the head.
  • Bracing your abs, move back slightly so that the blades of your shoulder barely touch the back of the chair.
  • Cross the right elbow and the left knee.
  • Return back to the starting position.
  • Switch sides and repeat the same.
  • Do 20 alternating reps.

5) Chair running

Chair running- Burn calories with chair cardio exercises

The most hilarious exercise in this list is chair running. This routine works the arms, legs and abs while providing you with a great cardio workout.

  • Sit straight while extending your legs.
  • Keeping your toes pointed; bend your arms at the sides.
  • Keep your abs tight and let the shoulder blades touch the back of the chair slightly.
  • Bend your right knee into the chest and turn the left shoulder towards the knee.
  • Pull the right elbow back and switch sides.
  • Do 25 to 30 reps.

That is all folks! Hope you will try these moves!

Ready to burn calories with chair cardio exercises?

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