Change Your Fattitude


Change your Fattitude

Are we really an evolved species

Obese on reality show

The other day I got a day off and decided to spend some time with my beloved television. I was watching a dating show where an obese girl was looking for a date, now don’t get me wrong, she was 22 and looked 35.Literally! No kidding. Knowing how we Indians get with “fat” people, I found the episode really lame. There is a girl looking for a date and you set her up with some gym hunk. What just happened?! Am not a feminist, I do remember another episode where there was a guy who was obese and he was set up with a cutie chick, same show, different season.

Now, this female in last evening’s episode showed no remorse for being fat or anything, she was cool in her skin, happy go lucky, funny, and well dressed for her body, the only thing; she was obese. She was supposed to choose between three guys, who were blind folded and had a sehra tied (yea whatever), She had to choose between a buffed up guy, an about to be buffed up guy and the guy next door. Whatever logic, she chose the gym guy. The guy who was chosen left the scene to prepare for the upcoming date, and no, he dint know who was he going to date. And when then other rejected guys had to undo their blindfolds. This part, it just touched nerve, one of the guy just looked as if he was called to date something unnatural. I mean what? Why? And further when this girl was introduced to her date, he was staring is complete disbelief and then he even asked her if he was really supposed to date her?! He didn’t care if that reaction would hurt her or if he was being too rude. This girl must be used to people being rude to her or something and doesn’t give a damn now.

Obesity and the Indian mindset

With the background given can you guys see the message? In India a girl needs to look dolled up all the time, the moment she is being herself or himself, all the hell breaks loose. I was once even told that losing weight would give a better scope for a job! Why do we judge a person just by looking at him/her? Doesn’t anything else count? Humans are considered superior species, and is this why? It’s disgusting the way our society reacts to a person being fat. Right from school the bullying starts and it’s a never ending game. You are nicknamed fatso or motu and if the nick names are questioned pat comes the reply; I call you those names lovingly. Oh, am sure you do. It’s really off putting, the thought that from a very young age children are taught being fat is ugly.

shamingNow people are not fat because they want to be that way, there may be reasons that has caused them to be a certain way. Thyroid, Pcos, stress, even chemo. Does that sound funny to you? Everyone is made a certain way, they may want to change their looks but can’t we give them a chance to do it for themselves and not for the “society”. It’s shameful on our part to have such a mentality. To add to the already damned attitude, the movies and anything watchable shows that being a certain size is shameful and such people are made fun of. The audience? Oh they relish this like a sadist would. That’s the message you are passing on to your children by the way. You walk into the mall, you feel like buying something but hey! the last size they have is 32 inches, anything beyond you would have to buy in a plus size store and pay more for something you have to settle for. Same goes for tops. Why are fat people made to settle for something and thin people can just wear what they like? The answer is “It won’t look good on you” foreign countries have girls wear what they like with no one ogling or staring them in disgust or object of fascination. Why can’t the girls here have similar respect? We have many gyms and health centers, I agree, but the point is we go there to look good and not to get fit. It’s just about making someone appreciate you and accept you, very few people are the kinds who work out for themselves.

plus-sizesThat one episode just touched a nerve. We really need a change guys. Be the change to make a change!

Don’t you think we need to change our Fattitude?

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