How Changes In Routine Can Help You Lose Weight?


Find Out How Changes In Routine Can Help You Lose Weight

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Want to lose weight? Obviously, and that is why you are here! How about losing weight with slight changes in routine? Great right? Yes, changes in routine can help you lose weight. Here are a few things that you can easily do to lose weight. When these habits become a part of your life, they will benefit you an entire lifetime! Let’s get started!

How Changes In Routine Can Help You Lose Weight?

How to lose weight

1) Note things down

Irritable Bowel Syndrome food diary

Eating mindlessly can make you overeat. So, note down what you are eating and how much you have eaten as this will make you control portions and make you lose weight faster. People who maintain a food journal have been able to lose two times the no of kilos lost by those did not. You can also see your eating habits and patterns.

2) Move during commercials

While watching your fav TV show, you should move around. Try skipping, dancing, using the stairs, spot running or anything that makes you feel breathless. Doing this for every commercial break for a 2 hour TV show will help you burn 270 calories extra a day!

3) Limit high calorie junk food

No junk food week IWB

Top 5 high calorie junk

  • Cookies
  • Ice cream
  • Candy
  • Potato chips
  • Fries

If you happen to be eating all 5 of these a week, bring the number down to 4. Every week, bring this number down by another count and add foods that are good for you such as fresh fruits and veggies.

4) Sign up for e-newsletters

According to a study, people who received diet and fitness e-newsletters increased their levels of physical activity and ate healthy than those who did not.

5) Walk an extra 5 mins

before dinner walk

Increasing daily activity even by a few minutes can help you lose weight faster! Split your physical activity minutes throughout the day.

6) Do mini strength training

Squats and push-ups help in building muscles thereby revving up your metabolism that helps in weight loss. It is just as effective as working out in the gym.

Here is a mini-workout for you:

Try10 reps of knee push-ups, squats, lunges, crunches and chair dips. Gradually increase the number of reps.

7) Climb 3 extra flight stairs

Women running on stairs

Covering 3 to 5 floors can burn lots of calories. If you are a dedicated climber, add more flights to your daily stair climbing routine.

8) Carry a pedometer along

You would not leave home without a cell phone right? So, now make a pedometer a necessity too. Research says that those who used pedometers took 2,500 steps more than non-users.

9) Make your own food

veggies cooked

You will save lots of calories and also money by making food at home. So, instead of grabbing a sandwich from your favourite food joint, buy fresh ingredients and make it at home. When you make things at home for yourself you know how much of salt, sugar and fat you are consuming.

10) Park your car away from your destination

Parking your car away from your office or shopping mart is a good idea. It will make you walk up to your destination and thus help you burn calories.  This is especially useful for those of you who have no time to dedicate for walks.

11) Eat whole fruits

fruits for detoxification

Eat whole fruits instead of drinking the juice. This way you will get more of heart-healthy fibre. Liquid calories don’t get registered by the body quickly as there is no major digestion involved in it. So, it is wiser to opt for the whole fruit.

12) Get basic with coffee

Drink your daily coffee the old-fashioned way, i.e. with milk and a little sugar. It has hundreds of calories lesser than the fancy versions that are nothing but a dessert in a cup. Stop the fancy coffee drinks and you can save lots of calories.

13) Sleep well

How To Avoid Weight Gain During Work sleep

You can see weight loss in a week’s time if you start going to bed early, says research. If you are deprived of sleep even for a few nights, you are more likely to gain weight.

The above tips will surely work well for you if you start following them!

Hope you found this post ‘How Changes In Routine Can Help You Lose Weight?’

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