Changing Sleep Schedule Can Help You Lose Weight – How?


How Changing Sleep Schedule Can Help You Lose Weight?

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Are you in search of an easy way to lose weight? Well, everybody is! So, let’s talk about a rather pain-free way of shedding kilos by following a regular sleep schedule. This post is based on the finding by the scientists at Brigham Young University.

The study involved 300 women between the age of 19 and 26. Their activities like moving around, waking up time and sleeping time were monitored with the help of their activity trackers.

What researchers found in the study?

  • Sleeping for less than 6.5 hours and more than 8.5 hours was found to be associated with more body fat.
  • Good sleep quality was linked with lower body fat whereas poor sleep quality was linked with higher amounts of fat.
  • It was observed that those who woke up and slept at fixed times had higher lower body fat.

  • Variation in sleep pattern effected the body weight.
  • A 90-minute variation in sleep patterns was associated with higher fat in the body as compared to those whose sleep variation was 60 mins or less.
  • It was also observed that those who slept for 8 to 8.5 hours a night had the least body fat.
  • A significant effect was seen on those women who woke up at a fixed time every morning for 7 days a week.

This concludes that Changing Sleep Schedule Can Help You Lose Weight!

The study does have some drawbacks and they are the following:

  • It was a study on a small scale
  • The duration was too short
  • The participants were only young and college-educated women
  • It was not a controlled or a blinded study

In fact this study was a follow up on the research which was about the connection between sleep quality/quantity and weight control. An older study found that overweight women between the age of 35 and 55, who were a part of weight loss program increased chances of weight loss by 33% by getting good quality sleep.

Though the exact effect of sleep schedules on body fat has been found by researchers, there are studies that reveal that sleep affects your appetite and hormones which control it. It also affects the body’s metabolism too. Studies say that depriving yourself of sleep increases the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin. This hormone controls your cravings for food. At the same time, there is a decrease in another hormone called leptin that signals the brain the your are full and thereby stops you from overeating. Now with an increase in ghrelin, you will crave more for food and with a decrease leptin, you just won’t know when to stop.

Sleep has more benefits than just weight loss. According to research, sleep helps in detoxifying the brain and helps in preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Lack of sleep can lower your body’s immunity and also increase your chances of suffering a stroke.

So, it is important that you get good quality sleep.

Convinced that Changing Sleep Schedule Can Help You Lose Weight?

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