Why You Must Keep Changing Your Workout Plan?


Find Out Why You Must Keep Changing Your Workout Plan

Changing your workout plan every three months is essential


When you plan to kick start an exercise regime enthusiasm seeks no boundaries. The motivation is always height to achieve that perfect body, lose that amount of weight or to improve your overall fitness. Following a planned exercise routine is the best thing one can do. You squeeze a little time before or after your office and whoa!!! You get results!

“Variety is the spice of life’. It’s a natural phenomenon to get tired of the same process every day. With time, we start losing our motivation to work out. We do get bored of our everyday routine as well. We think of replacing gym with yoga or yoga with dancing classes and it goes on. Over training and overexertion may cause stress in the body adding to weakness and a dull mood. Sometimes the body needs rest and sleep. What do we do then? How do we get back the same enthusiasm or excitement with which we started the whole workout? Why isn’t it giving me the same results anymore?Get variety.

Change is always good and welcoming. You may choose a new hobby or may want to join a new Zumba class in town.

  • When workout starts boring you, it’s time to change the plan or try out some simple ways to cheer up your mood. Walk with your neighbor out or a friend/Listen to some exciting, good music while you work out
  • Try out a new gym or aerobics or a Zumba dance workshop which is fun
  • Repair & restore your energy by doing things which excite you
  • When the same workout is no more challenging, try out new ways of workout
  • Take a break, go on a vacation, rejuvenate yourself and start the process yet again. Rejuvenate your workout program
  • Try cycling
  • What is a weak point training? Weak point training takes a certain degree of self-assessment. The idea is to identify the body part that is the most underdeveloped. For instance, if your triceps are preventing you from overloading your chest because they do the bulk of the work during any chest workout, then do triceps on Monday
  • Intensity is probably the most important factor to effective weight training. Bringing a high level of intensity to the gym is a must for anyone serious about building muscle


Challenging your body improves your fitness level and can also provide a sense of accomplishment as you become stronger and work toward your goals. If you change your routine at least every 4-8 weeks (this includes incorporating changes to both your cardio and strength training exercises). This will keep your heart rate function well and a boost to your energy levels. Change can help keep your workouts fun and interesting, giving you something to look forward to.

It is very important to take some time off and rest while weight training to build mass. After countless workout sessions, the body eventually gets tired and asks for rest. Taking a week off allows the body to get completely restored.

Hope now you would think about changing your workout plan!

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